A day to wear white

Charlie, an ordinary boy in high school gets mixed into the strangest criminal group, a mixture of people, all with different backstories. Meet 'The Master Of Puppets' a famous model with a dark secret, 'Felix.Exe' the hit man who saves everyone's ass at the end of the day, 'Hiro' a shady tattoo artist, 'Leon the lion' a college student with anger issues, and 'Kira' the man in charge... He makes sure nobody turns to kill their partner, and usually takes care of 'Thirt33n' the cannibal who sits in the corner and is 'R.E.D' (retired and extremely dangerous).
But with this unfortunate turn of events, things are going to be stained red... Maybe today wasn't the best day to wear white.


2. Two- Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind der Jäger!

I don't remember much... I remember seeing a flash of light in a dark alley, like someone was brandishing a torch down there, and becoming curious enough the peer into the abyss. Like I said, my memory comes in flashes of colour, the rest is in black and white. I remember stepping into the dark and seeing a large door embellished with a brass five pointed star, at the end of each point there was a small circle, almost like a sheriffs badge back in the day...? I remember grabbing the door handle and letting myself in... Damn my curious nature! I vaguely remember hearing whispers and feeling a cloth being put over my nose and mouth, but it all happened so fast that I can't recall much else.


"I thought you said you'd locked the door?!"

"Hey, It's not my fault! I don't even have the keys, Asshat!"

Murmurs and the smell of coffee awakened my senses, my eyes slowly cracking open and instantly squinting at the blindingly bright lights. I opened my mouth to say something, but it felt so dry that I couldn't form the words, instead I looked at my surroundings, a boy and a girl stood conversing a few feet in front of me, they were... arguing over who should of locked the door but didn't. The girl was tall, due to a pair of heels, slender and beautiful. She had icy blonde hair and pale pink eyes, an albino. She looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on where I'd seen her face. The boy on the other hand, was shorter, though still very slim, with long limbs, a pale skin tone, black hair and bright blue eyes... He was covered in tattoos, I have to admit, he had quite an appearance.

"Would you two shut it?! Can't you see our visitor is waking up?" A voice behind me sounded, a male. I felt something cold and metallic press against my throat, and instantly knowing that it was a blade, I snapped my eyes shut in a panic. I would have cried out if I could, but all that came out was a weak whimper of distress, and I reluctantly opened my eyes again.

There was a sigh from the tattooed boy, "Leon, you're scaring him out of his wits, he didn't mean any harm." Considering the boys appearance, his voice was soft and calming.

I blade pressed harder against my throat and tears pricked my eyes, "P-please..." I managed to cry out. "Whatever I did... I'm s-sorry!"

"Leon." The tattooed boy warned, his brow furrowed. The hand holding the blade to my throat relaxed slightly and then was taken away reluctantly, along with a tutting sound from the boy behind me, Leon.

"So what's gonna happen to him?" Growled Leon lowly, "If we let him go, he'll go crying to his momma about how some big boys were mean to him." A sarcastic and slow laugh followed as the girl's face turned stern. "I'm only teasing Tally, chill out-"

"Shut it wise guy, remember that you're not the one in charge here, we don't have any influence in what happens to him and you know it!" The girl, Tally, sighed, turning away as the door into the room opened slowly, and yet another boy wandered in.

He was tall and lanky, with brown hair that curled up at the ends, wearing a white hoodie and blue jeans, black converse on his feet. He grimaced and rolled his green eyes as he shut the door behind him, glaring at me. "I came as soon as you called, Hiro." He continued to stare at me, but directed his speech to the tattooed boy, Hiro.

"Yes, well as you can see... We have a slight problem." Hiro lazily jabbed a thumb at me, and I noticed that the thumb on his left hand was wrapped in a fresh white bandage.

The brunette turned to me, crouching down and tilting his head ever so slightly. "What's your name hot-shot?"

I gulped quietly, "Charlie..."

"And what would you propose to do in this situation Charlie?" The boy smirked a little, running his hand through his hair as I shook my head.

Leon laughed yet again from behind me, "I say we feed him to the dog,"

"H-huh?" I spluttered as my head was turned to the back of the room forcefully by Leon's hand. A boy was crouched in the corner a white circle drawn in chalk around him, his hair was messy, chin length and grey. He wore a pale grey hoodie and grey jeans to match, he wore laced up black boots with scuffs on the toes. He had his back half turned to the rest of us, and wore a collar, like a dog. It was adorned with spikes and the same brass star that had been on the door. I quickly scanned the others, they were all wearing the brass star somewhere on themselves, but I didn't dare mention it. I instead turned back to the boy in the corner.

"The dog." ​Leon hissed spitefully, and the boy wearing the collar suddenly sprung to life, launching himself at us from across the room, red eyes wide as he screeched and hissed at us. I almost screamed, but heard the clanging of metal and shut my mouth quickly, heart pounding. 'The dog' was chained to the wall, his collar and both of his wrists were cuffed so that he couldn't step out of the chalk circle.

A hand rested itself on my head lightly, "Alls' we gotta do is throw you into the circle..." Leon taunted.

"I propose a vote." Tally nodded, everyone turning to look at her.

Hiro nodded in agreement and Leon finally came into my view, his hair was sandy blonde and he was wearing a white shirt with black jeans, red converse on his feet. He looked like... A student in college?

"Fine," Leon let out a long sigh, "What are the options?"

Tally stood up straight, "A, We let him go..."

"B," Leon interrupted, "We kill him."

Hiro rested a hand on my shoulder lightly, "How about C... We make him join us...?" Everyone turned to us, a look of shock plastered on their faces. "Currently there's only... six of us..."

"​Five,​ we don't count the dog." Leon grunted as 'The dog' growled lowly.

"Leon!" Hiro snapped, making everyone jump, he didn't seem like one to shout. "How many bloody times! His name is Art!"

Leon rolled his eyes, "Dog, Art, Artery, Thirteen, whatever... It's all the same, he's still chained up."

The metallic noise came again, 'Art' pulling on the chains, the collar putting pressure on his throat.

"Art, Cut it out." Hiro sighed sympathetically, "You'll choke yourself to death."

After a few moments of silence, Art turned his back and crouched back in the corner. Tally raised her hand.

"I agree with Hiro, he should join."

The boy with brown hair had stayed silent for quite a while, studying everyone, leaning against the wall, and when he finally spoke, everyone listened intently. "Well... That bloody settles it. Charlie, you're one of us now."

My eyes widened, "O-one of you...? What... What's that supposed to mean...?"

Hiro smiled ever so slightly, "You're now officially criminal, our job is to... Get rid of unwanted beings, test the laws of physics, discover the unknown and wait for the public to notice."

"You're.... M-murderers....?" I thought aloud, my head beginning to hurt.

"If you're blunt you could call us that, although that's not all we do... Don't dwell on it." Hiro shrugs it off as if it's nothing, looking at his watch. "Awe crap, my shift at the shop starts in twenty minutes... I'll come back after that though." He held out his hand to me, and that was when I realised that I hadn't been tied up at all, shaking his hand. "The name's Hiro, I'm a tattoo artist." And with that, Hiro left off, saying goodbye to the others quickly.

The girl smiled at me, "I'm Tallahassee, Tally for short. I'm a model." Of course... Her face had been up around town for ages! She's famous!

Leon huffed, "Name's Leon. I'm in college."

The brown haired boy stood up straight, shaking my hand lightly, "I'm Felix, It's a pleasure... I'm... Well... We can talk about that later." His eyes shifted to the boy crouched in the corner, "That's Artery... He doesn't speak much, to be completely honest, we're not really sure if he can speak very well at all... Not much is known about how he came to be here, where he came from... or what he is. All we know is that he's a cannibal, good for covering up murders... If you get my gist." Felix grimaced. "Sorry.... What about you, hm?

"My name is Charlie... And I'm.... Part of... a criminal gang."









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