A day to wear white

Charlie, an ordinary boy in high school gets mixed into the strangest criminal group, a mixture of people, all with different backstories. Meet 'The Master Of Puppets' a famous model with a dark secret, 'Felix.Exe' the hit man who saves everyone's ass at the end of the day, 'Hiro' a shady tattoo artist, 'Leon the lion' a college student with anger issues, and 'Kira' the man in charge... He makes sure nobody turns to kill their partner, and usually takes care of 'Thirt33n' the cannibal who sits in the corner and is 'R.E.D' (retired and extremely dangerous).
But with this unfortunate turn of events, things are going to be stained red... Maybe today wasn't the best day to wear white.


1. One ~ A day to remember

Bring, bring, bring, bring, bri-


I sighed at the sun creeping through my curtains, rolling out of bed and re-placing my alarm clock where it should be with a grimace. Sluggishly pulling on some clothes and grabbing some toast, saying bye to Mum before walking out of the front door and walking to school.

I somehow do this every single morning without fail, never getting bored of the same slow routine, making it to school just on time, sneaking into first period on the dot.

I sit next to the same person every day, every period. Jay, a young and bright girl who lives just down the road from me, she's pretty and I'd come to know her quite well.

But as I sat in my seat that morning; she wasn't there.

The morning after; still no sign.

After a week; where could she possibly be?

Missing posters went up all around town, and after a month people had started to think the worst.

They sat my class down and a severely choked teacher spoke to us about the disappearance... I don't really remember much of what she had said, I had tuned out halfway, oblivious, only catching the odd word.

Walking out of school alone, hands in the pockets of my jeans, headphones playing music loud.

Loud enough that I didn't realise what had happened until it was too late.

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