The Blank Existence

A person who can manipulate the soul of the deceased


2. Who is the Next Victim

On my way home I got a call from my best friend when I answered she was freaking out, when she calmed down I asked "What's wrong" she said "Well you know how you would told me about the people who die receive a white rose on their front porch I think that either one of my family members or I might be the next one to die Myra can you please come over I'm really scared right now" I said "I'll be there just stay in your house okay" she said "Alright" and hung up.

I made my way to her house as fast as I could. I could tell over the phone she was freaking out, and I knew that this couldn't be any good. I made my way around the corner and on to her street. I dashed up to her front pouch and rang the door bell. I stood there trying to catch my breath as I heard shuffling in side the house, then the door opened. There stood my best friend with tears in her eyes. "Alright, explain everything." I said as she let me in. She nodded her head and followed me to the living room. We both took a seat on the couch and she pulled herself together.

I knew that this must be hard for her. I mean one of her family members is going to die at some point. I just have to find out how to prevent it. But how? And why her? Why does her family have to suffer now? I was determined to find the answers before any of them would die.

She took a deep breath and started speaking. “It was on Monday of last week, I was in my room, listening to music, when my brother came in my room and ask me “Did someone say they were going to give you a rose” I turned my head as I said “No why would… Jarred where did you find that rose”, he said “I found it on the back porch, why are you shaking” I told him what the rose meant. He didn’t believe me, but when I told him that all the people who recently died received one, he ask “What will happen now and who will be the victim” I said “I’m not sure, we should tell Mom and Dad about this” and that’s it but we haven’t been calm since I told them and the worse thing is that we don’t know which one of us will be the victim or if all of us will be his victims Myra, this whole situation has all of us messed up, Mom and Dad refuse to come out of their room they won’t even come out to eat, Jarred has been at his friend’s house nearly a week, and I’m getting close to losing my sanity this is too much to handle” then she started crying. As I was trying to calm her down, I told her “Don’t worry I’m going to find a way to keep all of you safe, first we have to get your parents to come out of their room” then we went to their door and started knocking, when they didn’t answer I opened the door and saw them lying on the bed snoring. I was about to wake them up when someone knocked at the door, I told Leah “Wake them up while I answer the door”, then went to see who it is. The person knocked again just as I got to the door, once I opened it I saw two guys that looked extremely sad, I ask “Who are you guys and why are you here” the one on the left said “We’re Jarred’s friends and we want to tell his family that he is in the hospital” I was about to ask them how long he has been there but was stopped when Leah ask “Brandon, Alex what happened to him is he okay”  Brandon told her “He’s fine he just had a small panic attack while he was asleep and he keep saying something about a white rose” we looked at one another when he mentioned the white rose, Leah said “I appreciate that you told us we’ll go check on him bye” then closed the door as I went back to her parents’ room and started to wake them up; once they opened their eyes I told them what happened, they got dressed immediately then we got in the car and headed to the hospital.

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