The Blank Existence

A person who can manipulate the soul of the deceased


1. The White Flower's Peaceful Death

As the white flower falls, the non existence of my past friends and family starts to surround me; while I walk to school, I talk to them as if they were right next to me. On most days people would stare at me while I was talking to them. Sometimes I would hear them whispering about me, but I would ignore them, knowing that they didn't have what I have or could see the same thing as I could. Throughout my life I have always seen people's souls. It wasn't until I was 10 that I realized what they were; each of them told me that they died after receiving a strange white rose at their doorstep when I asked them what was the cause of their deaths. I used see them during the middle of the night or they appear out of nowhere; most of the time they were confused but would be shocked when they realize I can see them; you might wonder how I gained this ability well, it was through being subjected to a lot of experiments, but I won’t go into detail about that although I will talk about what caused this to happen. It happened on my 5th birthday, I was playing with my mom and dad when these strange people pulled up and asked "Excuse us, but we were wondering if we could have a moment of your time" though my parents were reluctant they let them in the house


My name is Allison Myra McIntosh but I prefer being called Myra and I live with only my mom since my dad left & my brother and sister died when they were young. While I was getting ready for the day mom said “Allison come down or you’ll miss the bus” I said “Okay mom” grabbed my book bag and went to the bus stop. While I sat there my friends Leah and Disree came towards me, Leah asked “Myra are you ready for school” I said “Not really school is really boring I can’t even stay awake in art class” Disree said “Really I would’ve thought you like art since you draw nearly every day” I said “I do it’s just that the teacher isn’t letting us be more creative with our work and we barely even draw we sit there and listen to her talk about the history of art the way she teaches is going to cause me to go insane well let’s get on the bus” before I got on I felt like there was someone’s presence right next to but I didn’t see anything so I ignored it and nobody would have guessed what that mysterious presence would lead to. While walking through the school the presence from earlier felt a bit stronger which made me feel scared and I began to think I was being followed so during art class I went to the empty classroom that I use as my personal gallery which made me think of the times I would spend painting with aunt Rose then I wished that she was by my side. I was about to start working on another painting when at that moment some of my paintings started to fall to the floor and one nearly hit me, I was about to leave when I saw something that altered my view on reality, I wasn’t sure if I was hallucinating or daydreaming but in front of me was the ghost of my aunt who died last year, she probably realized I was too shocked to do anything so she said “Hello Allison it’s been awhile how is school going for you” then I snapped out and asked “How are you here you died” she said “Well I’m not sure how I got here but I didn’t actually die I was killed the day after I received a white rose I never expected it to happen” I asked “Aunt Rose I don’t understand what brought you here” she said “I think your desire to have me with you brought me here and while I’m here I would like to see your paintings if you don’t mind” I said “Sure I don't mind” while we were looking I felt like she was never gone and I was happy then she said “Allison it looks like I have to go back” as I was about to say something I saw that she was fading. I started to freak out and cry a little she told me “There's no need to cry we'll see each other some other time just remember I'm never really gone and Allison your paintings are wonderful as always goodbye” I said “Goodbye” as she vanished, after she was gone I started to cry. Once I stopped I went back to painting while waiting for school to end when the bell rang I got my stuff and walked home. I was still confused on how she was able to come back as I was thinking about it I saw a white rose outside her window remembering what I was told I attempted to remove the rose but an ominous feeling come over me when I was about to touch it so I moved the curtain over the window so mom wouldn't see the rose and went to my room without knowing that nothing could stop her death. I woke up slowly when I heard my alarm going off as I looked at the time it was nearly 7:15, I jumped out of bed and got dressed in a hurry once I was finished I asked “Mom, can you take me to school” but she didn’t respond I called for her again and she still didn’t answer I went to her room only to see that she was still lying in her bed. I started to shake her but she wouldn’t wake up after a few minutes of shaking her I realized that I didn’t feel her pulse then I noticed the white rose was in her hand and she was smiling with a calm expression on her face as I came to conclusion of what happened I stood there shaking. Once I was calming down Mom’s phone started ringing, I didn’t want to answer it, but I had answered it with the intention of telling someone what happened, when the caller asked, “Who is this and where is Nicole” I said, “I’m her daughter Allison and she is dead, can you tell someone to come get her body please”, he hesitated then said “I’ll see what we can do until then you should go to school and I’ll have someone contact a relative of yours to come get you from school”, I said “Okay” then hung up. Through out most of the day I was thinking about Mom, as I was heading to art class I heard humming coming from my personal art room, when I got close to the door I saw Aunt Rose's spirit looking at my recent painting. I went inside and asked "Aunt Rose what you doing here I thought that only I could bring you here" she said "I came because I felt your sadness and I met someone who should be here with you what happened to here" I said "She received a white rose, I thought if she didn't see it she would be safe but I was wrong I should have gotten rid of the rose before she got home" she told me "I'm not sure how much that would have helped, when I received a white rose my got rid of it thinking that it would be enough to save me, but in the end it did nothing I'll tell you something your mom is going fine and remember whenever you want to see her think of the times you spent together and I guarantee she will come" I nodded my head and said, "Thank you I guess you have to go back when you do will you tell her I said 'I miss you'" she said "Sure" then vanished.

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