Elijah x Elena


2. Chapter 2

Elena and Katherine were walking in the streets of Mystic Falls. Today was their 18th birthday. Elena was enjoying her day off from being Klaus’ bitch.  She was sure her sister enjoyed as well. She had to admit her life was better after Klaus took her away. Her cuts were only scars, and her bruises disappeared.

They went into the Mystic Grill. Katherine went over to her on and off boyfriend, Stefan Salvatore. He was a nice guy. Elena wondered why he was into Katherine when he could find a better girl for him.  Elena’s sister kissed the younger Salvatore, and he wrapped his arms around her. Elena rolled her eyes and went over to the bar. She couldn’t order anything, but it felt better to sit there.

“I don’t get them either,” said a voice from beside her. “Donovan, get me a bourbon. And quickly or your paycheck will be short.”


Elena looked at him. Damon Salvatore. He was Stefan’s older brother and was 24 years old. He owned the Mystic Grill. “She’s using him. Like she used Elijah.”

“Yeah. You work for the Mikaelsons, right?” Damon asked.

“That’s one word for it,” Elena scoffed. “Work implies getting paid.”

“Why do you do it then? Isn’t everything about money and sex?”

Elena let out a laugh. “You’d think. Let’s just say it is… complicated. I owe them.”


“And Katherine?” Damon rose an eyebrow.”

“She does, too, but she… she enjoys it. She doesn’t mind what he asks her to do. I do. I still do it, but I don’t want to.”

“So Katherine is his bitch,” Damon summed up. “And you’re his slave.”




“Let me buy you a drink. You could use it, and the money goes to me anyways.”

Damon ordered Elena a beer as if he knew she hated whiskey.

“So why do you never roam around? I rarely see you. Surely he doesn’t lock you inside. I see Katherine often.”

She sighed. “I am not a people person. I don’t go places unless I have to. I also worry…”


“I may live with the Mikaelsons, but I am still a Gilbert, and they are a founding family. I don’t want to show how pathetic one can be.”

“You aren’t pathetic,” disagreed Damon.

“You barely know me.” She looked at him. “Anyways it doesn’t matter. Tomorrow I am Klaus’ slave once again.”

“What is so special about today?”

His voice wasn’t rude. He was purely curious as to why she had the day off. She hesitated. She didn’t know why. Maybe she didn’t want anyone to wish her Happy Birthday. Maybe he would question why she wasn't out of the deal.

“It is my birthday. I'm 18.”

“Welcome to adulthood.” Damon grinned at her.

She gave him a small smile and took a swig of her beer. As she finished her beer, she got up. “I think I should be heading back.”

“So soon?” Damon questioned.

“Yeah.” Elena nodded. “I'm not really one to celebrate. Plus I've had the whole day of freedom, and it is getting dark.”

“Then let me at least walk you home.”

Elena smiled. “I would appreciate that, Damon.”

Damon paid for their drinks, and they started to leave the Grill.

“Hey, Damon!” Stefan greeted, walking over to him, Katherine strutting behind him. “And you're Elena.” Stefan was the nice jock who wanted to be friends with everyone.

“Yeah.” She smiled at him. “How has football been treating you?”

“Pretty well. Tyler still thinks I'm a dick, but that is not going to change for a while. I'm used to it.”

“Maybe he will surprise you one day.” Elena smiled.

“Maybe. Happy birthday, by the way,” Stefan said.


“Do you want to team up and play fooseball? Gilberts vs Salvatores?”

Katherine gave her a dark glare, making a shiver run down Elena's spine. “Yes, Stefan. Let my sister and I do something together. After all, it isn't as if Elena ever comes out of the Mikaelson house where they all keep her nice and cozy.” She smirked.

Elena's jaw almost dropped. Her sister had practically just accused her of being a whore! She was a virgin! It wasn't as if she had slept around. That was Katherine. “Actually, I'd rather not spend time with Katherine.”

“How about I team up with Katherine?” suggestd Stefan. “And you team up with Damon?”

Elena nodded. “Very well.”

The four of them went over to the hidden fooseball table behind the last booth in the far corner of the Mystic Grill. They played for about two hours, fooseball and pool. Elena learned that Damon was amazing at both pool and fooseball.

“I think I should probably go. I'm not the type of person that stays out all night.” She looked at them as they finished another game.

“I'll walk you home,” Damon offered, and Katherine cooed.

“Aww. How sweet.”

Elena sighed. “Okay, let's go.”

Damon and Elena walked out of the Grill.

“You know, you're pretty good at fooseball and pool. I'm impressed.”

“Thank you, Elena.”

“So what is it like owning the local hangout?” Elena asked.

“It is pretty cool. Unless there are intoxication and drug use problems. Bar fights aren't really a problem unless it is really bloody and things are broken.”

“Do you ever start bar fights?”

Damon shrugged. “People usually come up and punch me. There was this time my friend Ric was pissed at me for a reason I can't remember and punched while we were drinking at a bar.”

“That isn't very friendly of him,” Elena noted

Damon shrugged again. “I'm pretty sure I deserved it.”

She chuckled. “Why would you do anything to get punched by your best friend?”

“Because I'm a dick.”

“Nice,” Elena laughed.

“Well,it looks like we are here.”

“Looks like. It was nice meeting you, Damon.”

“It was a pleasure meeting you as well, Elena.” Damon smirked.

Elena went inside the tall, white Mikaelson mansion.

“Welcome back, Elena,” Elijah greeted. He was out of the house when she left this morning. “Happy Birthday.”

Elena smiled at him. “Thank you, Elijah.”

“Where is the lovely Katerina?”

“Out with Stefan Salvatore.”

Elijah’s face started to fall, and she knew he was disappointed. He still had feelings for her,and they all knew it.

“Would you like to go for a walk?” Elijah asked.

“I don't know, Elijah. It is getting late,” Elena sighed.

“It is only the garden, and it is not too late. After all, you are going to work for my brother tomorrow.”

“Don't remind me,” she muttered. “Very well.”

The two went out the back door and entered the garden. The plants and flowers went high up. The colors were beautiful. It was not a new sight for Elena as she had helped taken care of the garden on many occasions.

“I never asked you what kinds of plants were over there.” Elena pointed to the corner of the garden. She walked over to them.

“The violet one is aconite. The long ones are a type of herb called vervain. And this one is sage. It was one of mother’s favorites.”

“You never talk about your family. I only heard what I know from stories, and those are not reliable.”

Elijah looked away. “Some things are better kept secret.”

“Do you truly believe that?” Elena asked softly.

“It does not matter what I believe. Niklaus made me give my word I shall not speak of it. So I won't.”

Elena nodded. “I admire you nobility, Elijah. I apologize for bringing it up.”

“It is a beautiful night.” Elijah looked at the stars.

She smiled. “Yes, it is.”

“Tell me, Elena.” Elijah turned to face her. “Do you hate it here?”

“It is not my favorite place to be...but no. I don't. The black I do hate is back at home. But I do not hate it as much as I should.”

“What does that mean?”

“I'm getting rather cold,” Elena said. “We should head inside.”

Elijah sighed quietly and accompanied Elena back to the house. Elena took a shower, the hot water steaming against her back, relaxing her. She adored hot water.

Katherine had yet to return. Elena got out of the shower and headed to her room with a white towel wrapped around her body. Her phone rang, and she picked it up, worried after she saw the name of the younger Salvatore flash across her screen.


“Katherine was hit by a car. It was a hit and run, and we don't know exactly what happened. But we need you.” Stefan was frantic.

“How is she doing?” Elena asked, throwing clothes on.

“Elena, Katherine is at the hospital. And she won't wake up.”

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