The Sociopath's Heart


1. 1980

On a cool winter night, the wind was blowing, causing me to feel a chill as I sat against the brown bark of the tree. I wouldn't care if I got sick. I couldn't go back at the moment. I was hungry but wouldn't have said so. Not when I knew my family wouldn't care. Not after knowing what I was. I held my knees to my chest and thought. Why did I have to be a siphon? Why couldn't I have my own magic?"

Suddenly, I heard a cracked of a tree branch, and I turned my head in the direction of the sound, having thought I was alone. I saw a dark haired boy about my age. Eight or nine. His eyes were a striking blue-gray color that suited him well. He was wearing a dark t-shirt and a hoodie as well as dark blue denim jeans. He walked over to me and sat against the tree across from me.

 "Hi," he greeted. "What are you doing over here all alone?"

"Avoiding my family. They don't like me very much." I looked at him. I had seen him before from afar. His family didn't live that far from mine.

 "If it makes you feel any better, mine doesn't like me either," he said.

There was something about him that interested me. He had this vibe that showed he didn't care about anyone. Family or not. I wasn't sure why, but he intrigued me. And I wanted to get to know him.

 He gave me a grin and offered me his hand. "I'm Kai. Kai Parker."

I shook it instantly. "Eliza."

"That's a nice name," Kai grinned.

 "Thank you," I hesitated before asking, "Why doesn't your family like you?"

"Because I'm not like them, and that worries them."

"Because you are different," I said, understanding now. My family was afraid I would siphon their magic from them. Which was why they treat me poorly. Fear makes people do harsh things. Unfortunately, that's the way the world works.

 "Exactly," Kai rolled his eyes, annoyed. "Though in their eyes, I kind of get it. They have a good reason, but it is still very annoying."

"Why then?"

 "You are a curious one, aren't you?" Kai grinned. "That could be useful later on. And the reason why is because I am a siphon who lives with my family of witches. All of which are terrified I will suck up their magic like a vacuum. Despite being eight years old." He chuckled, slightly amused.

 My eyes widened in shock. He was like me. I suddenly didn't feel so alone anymore. "I'm a siphon too, Kai. Which is why my family hates me. I guess we are alike." I smiled at him.

 "I guess so." Kai grinned widely.

 Kai and I talked. I laughed a little and smiled. I found him quite relaxing to talk to. He made me feel good. Relaxed. Happy. I knew we would be good friends some day. After all, he and I were alike.


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