Meeting Justin Bieber

I am a Justin Bieber fan(Belieber). I'm more of a sports girl than a girly girl. I have 4 siblings. 3 sisters and 1 brother. I am from St.vincent And The Grenadines.


1. The Move

                                                                                    Jadeen's POV


Hi my name is Jadeen, i'm 22 Years old and Have a 4 year old daughter name Riley. Riley's father left us was she was 5 months, he said that he wasn't ready to be a dad. 8 months later i found him with another girl, and she was pregnant with his baby. I decided that i wanted to move and get a new star. I always wanted to live in California so me and Riley moved there.


Jadeen: Riley baby wake up, its time to go to our new house in California.

Riley: *yawns* Mummy I don't want to get uppppppp.

Jadeen: Do you want mummy to carry you to the car.

Riley: Yes mummy.

Jadeen: Ok baby.


After getting Riley in the car I had to drive a 4 hour drive to Cali. We use to live in Las Vegas that's why it was a 4 hour drive. We finally arrived at Hollywood Hills LA. There were a lot of cars at my neighbors house. I would say about 80 Cars were there.

Jadeen: Riley baby wake up were here.

Riley: Yaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!. Lets go inside mummy. I wanna see my new room.

Jadeen: Ok ok i'm coming.


                                                          4 hours later after unpacking.


Jadeen: Ok baby time for bed.

Riley: Otay mumma.

Jadeen: Come on get in bed and let me read you a bedtime story.

Riley: Otay mummy....... Mummy can you tell me a story about Justin Bieber pleaseeee.

Jadeen: Ok anything for my baby.

Once upon a time there was a very beautiful sing name Justin Bieber. Justin was finishing up his purpose tour concert in California. He had to do one more two more songs and he didn't know what to songs he wanted to sing. All the beliebers wanted him to sing One Last Lonely Girl(Ollg), and Hold tight. When it was time to chose his Ollg his eyes fell on the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.


Jadeen: That it for tonight. Go to sleep baby.

Riley: Otay mamma. Mummy do you like Justin Bieber?

Jadeen: Yes baby i like Justin bieber.

Riley: Would you marry him if he ever met you and ask you?

Jadeen: Yes, now stop with the questions and go to sleep. *Giggles*

Riley: Goodnight mummy, I love youuuuuu*giggles*.

Jadeen: Goodnight Baby, I love youuuuuu to*giggle*



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