Meeting Justin Bieber

I am a Justin Bieber fan(Belieber). I'm more of a sports girl than a girly girl. I have 4 siblings. 3 sisters and 1 brother. I am from St.vincent And The Grenadines.


2. 12 o-clock at night. Meeting JB

                                                                          Jadeen's POV

 In the middle of the night the music started to get louder by the second causing Riley to wake up.


Riley: Mummy I can't sleep with all the loud music playing. Can you tell the neighbor to turn the music down.

Jadeen: Ok lets go tell the neighbor to turn the music down.


Me and Riley went to the neighbor door. when i was about to knock on the door Riley put her head down on my shoulder and covered her ears because the music was getting louder. When i knocked on the door this boy came out half naked with water running down his body. When i looked up i saw that it was Justin Bieber. I was too busy staring at his body that i didn't notice that he was talking to me.

Justin: H-Hi*Blushes* How can i help a sexy looking piece of milky chocolate like you.*smirks*

Jadeen: AH-AH we-well I-i wanted to k-know if you can please turn the music down please. My daughter was trying to sleep but the music kept waking her up.

Justin: Yeah sure no problem.

Jadeen: Thank you

Justin: Yeah no problem *Smiles at her*

Jadeen: ok *Blushes* I'm gonna go now. Goodnight and thanks again.

Justin: Goodnight beautiful *Kisses her cheek*

Jadeen:*Blushes* Bye

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