Another Time

As I walked towards the police station I couldn't help but look down at my 4 year old son TJ, and smile. He looked so much like his father. I felt a feeling flicker inside of me that I hadn't felt in years.
"Where is daddy?" He asked tugging at my arm, bringing my mind back to the present.
As we walked into the police station you could hear shouting and yelling. I hid TJ behind me, unsure of what was about to go down.
"Keith?" I asked looking over at my husband who was holding a man, who seemed to be throwing a fit. I couldn't see the mans face, but I could see a smile spread across Keith's. Right after the words came out of my mouth the man fell silent.
It worried me, without another moment going by, and without turning around to look at me, the man said.
"Jessica." I felt chills run down my spine, it was a voice that I had heard say my name many times before. My body was in shock, I could see everybody looking to me for answers, and before I could say anything else the man turned to look at me and confirmed my worst fears.
"Tyler." I whispered just loud enough for him to hear me.


1. On my own

"Let's take lunch to dad today." I said looking over at my little bundle of joy, TJ. He jumped up with excitement, and ran to put his shoes on.

I could barely keep up to him, I smiled at him, just admiring how much he looked like his handsome father already.

I finished packing the little bag full of food, picked up my son, and carried him on my hip to the car.

The drive was short, we lived fairly close to the police station, maybe no more than 5 minutes away.

TJ and I walked to the door, and could hear shouting and yelling.

I knew that I shouldn't have gone in, shouting in a police station is a little more than a red flag, but something was pulling me into the building, I couldn't help myself.

"Stay behind me baby." I said pulling TJ behind me as I walked in the front doors to the station.

I could see my husband Keith trying to detain a man on the ground who was screaming and yelling such horrible threats.

I couldn't see the mans face, but I could see the smile spread across Keith's when he seen TJ and I.

"Keith." I said, and the man on the ground fell silent without another word.

I knew something wasn't right but every inch of me felt something that I hadn't felt in years.

"Jessica." The man on the ground said, his voice chilled me down to my very core. It was a voice that I had heard say my name many times. I couldn't move, I knew what was going to happen next. Everyone's eyes were on me.

"Jessica, it's me Tyler." He said turning his head to look at me. I was more than baffled that he thought that he had to remind me of who he was. He was stained in my mind permanently. Keith loosened his grip on Tyler, and let him up.

"You know this scum?" Keith said both sounding a little surprised and angry.

I shook my head, I wanted to deny it, I wanted to believe that this wasn't happening.

"Yes she does. We go way back." He said almost as if he was bragging, or trying to gloat.

"I don't know you." I said starting to slowly back away. My worst fears were coming true before my very eyes. I felt so unsafe in the safest possible place to be.

"Ouch." I heard TJ say from behind me. "Mommy you stepped on my toes." He said walking out from behind me.

"Mommy?" Tyler asked sounding confused. I watched Tyler's lazer focus drift from me, and immediately to TJ. His eyes widened, and there was nothing left to say. Memories started to flow through my head of another time in my life.. a time I was not proud of, and a time I knew would eventually come back to haunt me.... this is my story..

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