Another Time

As I walked towards the police station I couldn't help but look down at my 4 year old son TJ, and smile. He looked so much like his father. I felt a feeling flicker inside of me that I hadn't felt in years.
"Where is daddy?" He asked tugging at my arm, bringing my mind back to the present.
As we walked into the police station you could hear shouting and yelling. I hid TJ behind me, unsure of what was about to go down.
"Keith?" I asked looking over at my husband who was holding a man, who seemed to be throwing a fit. I couldn't see the mans face, but I could see a smile spread across Keith's. Right after the words came out of my mouth the man fell silent.
It worried me, without another moment going by, and without turning around to look at me, the man said.
"Jessica." I felt chills run down my spine, it was a voice that I had heard say my name many times before. My body was in shock, I could see everybody looking to me for answers, and before I could say anything else the man turned to look at me and confirmed my worst fears.
"Tyler." I whispered just loud enough for him to hear me.


2. 6 years earlier

*6 years earlier*

"Jess I am sorry, but you are too far behind on rent, we are going to have to evict you." My landlord said, I knew that she was genuinely sorry, and I understood.

I had nothing, no car, no job, no house, nothing. Walks had always calmed my nerves and helped me to calm myself, you know clear my head. I looked up at the sky, and it was just starting to get dark out, I headed for this little park in the middle of the city, it was very well lit up, and had amazing walking trails.

I had been walking for maybe 20 minutes when I could hear cries for help, it sounded like an older man. I started to run as fast as I could towards the screams. When I got there, I stayed hidden behind some bushes, I could see two younger men, both quite a lot bigger than the old man cornering him.

Before I knew what to do one of them grabbed a knife, and lunged it towards the man striking him right in the chest.  There was a pop sound, and the man was gasping for air. I couldn't control myself, I lunged myself from the bushed, and tackled the closest one to me. I landed on the ground face to face with the old man who was holding onto his chest gasping for air, and then he slowly stopped. I think I almost went into shock, the next little while was a blur. I remember a black bag being put over my head, and then nothing.

I lost track of time, but I knew that it was still dark outside, I watched the street lights pass by me through the black bag. "If you are going to kill me just do it." I said.

They both chuckled, and didn't say another word.

We arrived, I had no idea where, but it didn't smell the best. Then when we seemd to walk through a door, the smell changed, it stunk of liquor, and way too much perfume.

"Jesse, Trent how did the job go?" A rather sexy deeper voice asked, and the room fell silent.

"We got Paulie, but this feisty little thing took down Trent." He said chuckling a little, I couldn't help but grin under the bag.

"Well let's take a look at her?" He said sounding annoyed, and yet intrigued. The bag slipped off of me head, and I was face to face with the most attractive man I had ever seen. I was almost in awe, but it didn't change the fact that he was most likely a gang leader.

He didn't speak for a second, he looked almost as shocked as I was. "Mm, she does look feisty alright." He said  biting his lip looking me up and down. I felt chills of excitement run through my body, I couldn't fight the feeling of being wildly attracted to him.

"What do you want with me." I asked as if I was the one calling the shots there.

"I like my women feisty." He said grabbing my face forcing me to look at him. Not that he would of had to force anyone to look at him.

I spit in his face. I heard everyone gasp, and then I could hear people chanting for him to kill me. For the first time this entire night I felt fear strike over my body.

"Trent take her to my room, unless you think she can over power you again?" The man said not breaking eye contact with me, smirking. The way he looked at me made me feel disgusted.

He put the bag over my head, and we got back into the car, and drove for about 20 minutes. We got to a building, and I remember getting into an elevator for quite a long period of time. When we got out I was pushed into a room, and the bag was ripped off of my head. I was face to face with Trent.

"You're a pretty little thing, Drew is going to have lots of fun with you." He said un-tying my hands. "Don't bother to try and escape, I will be guarding the door, and we are on the 40th floor." He continued while he walked out of the room, and closed the door.

How tired I was feeling was starting to really sink in. I was trying to remember the way Drew looked. He was perfect. He had this nice blonde hair with the side shaved, and tattoos covered his entire muscular body. He looked like a greek god, he had these bright grey blue eyes that just drew your attention to themselves, and a smile that was contagious. He was amazing. Something sparked in me the minute that I saw him, but I still wasn't quite sure what it was.

Before I knew what was happening I opened my eyes, and it was morning. I looked over, and there was a bathroom in the room. I decided that I wanted to take a shower. There were no womens clothes in the room so I grabbed a button up shirt that was way too big for me, and a pair of boxers. I opened the door to the room, and there was nobody standing there. I made my way until I was face to face with a shirtless Drew. I wanted to just pounce on him, but I restrained myself.

He looked at me the same way that I looked at him, but I knew there was something a little more unhindged in his head.

"I didn't know who's clothes these were, so I-." I said starting to mess up my words.

"They are mine, and I would of minded if they didn't look better on you then me." He said giving a little chuckle and then looking me up and down biting his bottom lip softly. I blushed even though I tried my hardest not to.

"What are you going to do with me?" I asked breaking the flirtation.

"So, here is my issue Jess. I don't want to hurt you, you seem like such a feisty little thing, you could be a great asset to my team. You have the choice of joining me, and The Kings, or the other option." He said, he seemed like he wanted me to join more than anything.

"What's the other option?" I asked trying to hide my fear.

"I can't let you leave Jess." He said sounding a little hurt by what he had just said.

I had no words, and I also really didn't have a choice either.

"What would I have to do?" I asked.

"You would work mainly in the warehouse, and we would use you for undercover work as well. A pretty little face like yours could get any information she wanted." He said brushing my hair behind my ear. I felt goosebumps overcome my body.

"I don't really have a choice do I?" I said kind of showing a grin. It seemed to be contagious because one spread across his face as well. There was such a connection, I couldn't deny it, but I already knew the type of man he was. Fuck and chuck type.

"Do you need to get anything?" He asked taking a couple steps away from me to pick up his coffee.

"What do you mean." I asked.

"Jess you came here with nothing besides the clothes on your back, and I know that girls need feminine things." He said getting a tad awkward. I couldn't help but smile.

"I have no money." I said sounding a little pathetic.

"You are family now Jess, and I take care of my own. You will stay here with me while we try to find you a nice house to live in. For now until you start working some jobs and making money I will help." He smiled.

I was speechless, I had lived such a hard life.

"Jess I do have some questions for you." He said getting more intense.

"Who is Jake?" He asked.

"How do you know about..-" I started but he cut me off.

"Jess, I am the leader of the Kings, I can get any information that I need about anything." He said sipping his coffee.

"He's my ex-boyfriend." I said sheepishly.

"I heard what he did to you Jess, and I just wanted to say that as long as you do what you are told, and are apart of this family nothing like that will ever happen to you again." He said placing his hand on mine. I just nodded.


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