Diana was a lonely girl when she was a little girl. when she was seven years old, she liked to spend her time with her friend's brother, Putera, since he was a baby.
They grow up together and be closed like best friends, brother and sister, and lovers. But because of the different background, they face difficulties to make their dreams come true.


4. She Came Back


Seven years later, Putera went to university and studied about architecture, while Sarah had graduated and worked at her father’s company. One day, Sarah got email from Diana; she informed that she would come back to Indonesia soon. She asked Sarah and Putera to pick her up. She also told them not to tell her parents about her going home.

Two days after Sarah got the email, Diana came back to Jakarta. Diana looked so different. She looked so stunning and glamour. Sarah and Putera almost did not know her.

“Diana? Jesus, you look gorgeous,” said Sarah. They hugged each other. And when Diana met Putera, she was so surprised, because the little boy had changed to be a young man. He was very tall, well-built and heartbreakingly handsome.

“Putera?” said Diana and stared at him in bewilderment. Putera nodded quickly and smiled widely.

“Dai...” said Putera lower. They hugged each other.

“I miss you both,” said Diana.

“We miss you too,” replied Sarah.

They took Diana to a hotel. Putera drove the car and Diana sat by his side. The girl always turned to him. She just could not imagine that the young man was Putera.

“How long will you stay at hotel?” asked Sarah, when they were in Diana’s room.

“After I get the right apartment,” said Diana, took off her shoes and jacket.

“Why don’t you stay at your old house?”

“No. My parents have rented it.”

Diana took a seat next to Putera. She held the young man’s hand and stared at his face. Putera’s heart was thumping and his face was hot, since it was very long time they did not meet.

“So, you can stay at ours,” said Sarah while lying on the bed.

“It’s okay. I can visit there and stay as usual.”

“That’s great!” exclaimed Sarah happily, getting up. “So, will you come tonight?”

“Tonight?” Diana turned to Sarah.

“Yup, we can sleep together as usual.”

“Why don’t you just sleep here?”

“Here?” Sarah jumped out from the bed.

“Yup,” said Diana. Sarah agreed, she was happy to be with her friend again.

“What do you think, Putera?” asked Diana. Putera only nodded slowly. Diana laughed since the young man looked so shy in front of her. “Don’t be shy on me.”

“He’s not shy. He’s only nervous. It’s been seven years you don’t see each other.”

“Yeah, it’s very long time, we don’t see each other. I feel like I wake up from dreaming. You look so handsome. Look at you, Putera. I want to hug and kiss you as usual,” said Diana holding the young man’s hand and put on her cheek.

“Why you just talk. Just hug and kiss him. He’s your boyfriend,” said Sarah, lying again on the bed.

“Can I?” asked Diana turned to Sarah.

“Of course. He’s been waiting for you for years. He doesn’t date any girl because of you,” said Sarah closed her eyes, tried to sleep.

Diana turned to Putera. They looked each other. Then Diana came closer to Putera. She touched the young man’s arm and face affectionately.

“May I kiss you?” asked Diana. Putera looked at her confusingly. Without waiting Putera’s answer, Diana moved her head closed to Putera’s. Their faces were much closed. Diana could feel Putera’s breath. Then very slowly, she touched the young man’s lips with hers. Only a slight touching, not deep, she was very careful.

“Let’s sleep,” said Diana pulling Putera’s hand. The young man just followed her. He slept next to Diana, while the girl slept between him and his sister.

“So, how’s your life?” asked Diana rubbing the young man’s head.

“Fine,” said Putera. They slept face to face and closed. Diana stared at Putera’s eyes and smiled brightly.

“Why are you so quiet?”

“I’m not. I just don’t know what to say,” answered Putera. 

“Do you miss me?”


“So tell me.”

“I miss you.”


“Very much.”

“So tell me.”

“I miss you so much,” said Putera. Diana closed her eyes. Putera looked at her confusingly.

“You may kiss me,” said Diana without opening her eyes. But Putera did not move. He was confused since it was too suddenly. For several minutes, Diana kept waiting. She waited patiently. And five minutes later, Putera moved his head slowly, closer to Diana; his hand took Diana’s chin and kissed her lips. He kissed her awkwardly. 

“Good night, Dai,” said Putera when his kiss was over.

“Night,” said Diana, then they hugged each other and slept. It was very awkward night for both of them, since longer they did not sleep and hug each other.

Since the day, Diana came back to Putera’s life. After school, the young man picked her up to hang out. Diana always held the young man’s hand. Sometimes she kissed him when they were sitting at the cafe or watching films at the cinema. They also did their old activities; swimming and shopping. When Diana went to interview for a job, Putera accompanied her. They also looked for an apartment together. Diana sometimes slept at Sarah’s home, especially at Putera’s room. They did not feel awkward anymore, when sleeping together. They had lots topics of conversation. Diana shared about her experience living in America. She told him about the harder moment she had when she decided to live alone in America. She also told him that she could not sleep alone over one year, she always remembered about Putera.

“Why you didn’t contact us for years?” asked Putera when they were sleeping at his place. He was hugging Diana from back.

“I didn’t have time. I had a lot of work. I had one main job and two part jobs,” said Diana. “But just forget about it. It’s over. Now, I am here with you again.” She turned back and kissed Putera.

“Let’s sleep.” They hugged each other and slept.

Finally Diana had a job and she lived at a small apartment. She started to be busy since she was a branch manager of a private bank. Since she was busy, Putera came to sleep with her, and sometimes three of them. At the weekend, Sarah took Diana to clubbing. Sarah also introduced Diana to her fiancé. Sarah’s fiancé was an English man. His name is Andrew. He’s handsome and rich.

“So, no Chinese man?” said Diana when they were at her apartment.

“I’m a woman. The tradition snot for me,” answered Sarah.

“I see,” said Diana while leaning on Putera’s chest. They were watching horror films. And Sarah could not stand it. She decided to sleep first.

“So when will you introduce your girl friend?” asked Diana.

“I don’t have,” answered Putera.

“You should have one,” said Diana. Putera did not say anything, he only hugged Diana. After that, there’s no conversation, they were watching the movie seriously. 

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