Diana was a lonely girl when she was a little girl. when she was seven years old, she liked to spend her time with her friend's brother, Putera, since he was a baby.
They grow up together and be closed like best friends, brother and sister, and lovers. But because of the different background, they face difficulties to make their dreams come true.


3. Seperate


One year later, Diana’s father got promotion to be ambassador of Indonesia for USA. Diana and her family should move to America.

“Can you just stay here?” asked Sarah when three of them met and discussed about the planning at Sarah’s room. Since heard the news, Putera was upset and sad. He was a young boy but he knew that Diana would go far and they could not see each other for longer. He tried not to cry.

“I want to, but my Dad won’t let me live alone,” said Diana.

“You’re not alone. You have me and Putera,” added Sarah.

“I’ve told my Dad, if I don’t want to live far away from my friends, but he said that I would have a good future since I get the chance to study abroad,” explained Diana.

“Yeah – but what about Putera? You can’t see him wear junior uniform and senior as well. You can’t watch him grow up. When he grows up, he will be so handsome and many girls will crush on him. Who will protect him from the girls?”

Diana just kept silent. She looked at the boy, but he turned his face eighty degrees avoiding eye contact with Diana. He was so silent.

At night, when they slept together, he kept quiet.

“Are you angry with me?” asked Diana, while rubbing Putera’s head as usual. Putera did not answer. “Don’t worry; I’ll visit you when I have holidays. It will be one month, you know. We go to camp and fishing. We sleep under the tent and stare at the stars. Or I will save money so I will buy you the new plays station. Hmmm?” said Diana benevolently.

“It will be so expensive to fly from America,” said Putera morosely.

“Not anymore, since my father is an ambassador,” said Diana. “Don’t be sad. I will call you and send lots of pictures. You too. Send me lots of emails and your pictures. When your wear junior uniform, take photo and send me...and senior too. If you have date, send your girlfriend’s photo. I will bless both of you, if I like her. Okay?”

Putera just mumbled.

“Now, let’s sleep,” asked Diana. But five minutes then, Putera’s body shaked. The boy tried hard to hide his sobbing. Diana was so sad. She hugged and kissed the boy again and again.

“Don’t cry...” whispered Diana in tears.

“Dai...please don’t go..” said Putera in his crying. Diana did not say anything, she hugged Putera more tide.

“Just remember, I always love you. And I will do anything to visit you more often. Hmm?”

But Diana’s words did not change anything. The little boy kept crying. And soon both cried together all night.

So Diana left Putera and Sarah the next day. They did not take her to the airport since the flight was at night. After moving to America, Diana still called Putera twice, at the boy’s birthday and Christmas. Diana sent him a new play station since he cried when Diana could not keep her promise to visit him. And it was the last present from Diana. After that, Diana never contacted Sarah and Putera anymore. Five years later, Diana’s parents went back to Indonesia without Diana. Sarah and Putera did not know why. Diana’s parents tried to hide something from them. 

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