Diana was a lonely girl when she was a little girl. when she was seven years old, she liked to spend her time with her friend's brother, Putera, since he was a baby.
They grow up together and be closed like best friends, brother and sister, and lovers. But because of the different background, they face difficulties to make their dreams come true.


2. He's Growing Up

Since Putera was a kid, Diana liked to take him to her activities such as swimming, shopping or attending friend’s party. When Diana celebrated her sweet seventeen, she introduced Putera to her friends as her first love. Her friends soon loved Putera too, since he was cute and chubby. When they would hang out, they asked Diana to take Putera together. Diana also took Putera at her first date. She also introduced Putera as her first love to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend liked Putera since the boy was active and smart. He liked to ask Diana’s boyfriend to play game or ride bicycle. 

But when Diana broke up with her boyfriend, Putera was the witness how the girl cried all night because of the broken heart. At night, Putera hugged her in their sleep.

They had lots of moments. Happy, sad and difficult. When Diana went to university, Putera bought her shoes. He bought the same style for both of them. He said that they were shoe couples.

“Diana, your darling just messed my room now,” said Sarah on the phone.

“What happened?”

“Come and see by yourself,” said Sarah and closed the phone.

Diana just went home from English course. It was seven o’clock at evening. Diana was at first year at university and Putera was at year six.

“What’s going on?” asked Diana when she came to Sarah’s room. The room was messy. Sarah’s clothes were everywhere, on floor, chair, and bed.

“He was angry when I didn’t lend him money. He wanted to buy a book. I’ve told him to wait until Mom comes. He didn’t listen to me,” said Sarah while picking her clothes up.

“Why don’t you lend him first?” asked Diana, helping Sarah.

“No way. He likes to spend his pocket money. Mom always complains since he’s the one has lots of pocket money.”

“I don’t,” said Putera showing up suddenly. He stood in front of the door. He is tall and proportional. He was growing up that’s why his body and voice had changed.

“I used it for something necessary. I’m not like you, hang out to the mall and treat your friends,” said Putera.

“Yeah – I treat your darling,” said Sarah while pointing to Diana.

“Me? When?”

“Yesterday,” answered Sarah quickly.

“It’s only once,” said Diana confused. “Don’t involve me to your problem. I must go home. I need to finish my homework. And, don’t call me if it’s not really urgent.”

“Hey – you promise to sleep here tonight,” said Sarah reminded her.

“I always sleep here and rarely use my own room. I don’t want to any ghost take over my room,” said Diana.

“Yeah – but you’re the one, decided to sleep here since twelve years ago...” said Sarah but it did not stop Diana going out from her room.

“Will you come back soon?” asked Putera trying to stop her out of the door.

“No, I won’t. I’ll stay at my room,” said Diana.

“I don’t want to sleep alone,” said Putera.

“You can sleep with your sister.”

“I don’t want,” said Putera quickly. “You’ve promised three times in a week sleep with me.”

“Yup, but it was when you were so small. Now, I will change once in a week.”

“No way. I’m still a little one. Don’t change anything,” protested Putera unhappy.

“How come you are still a little one? You’re as tall as me now.”

“Yeah, I’m tall now, but I’m still a little one for you. Forever,” said Putera.

“Yeah – whatever,” said Diana then she went home.

“I’ll come to your house, if you don’t,” shouted Putera on Diana’s back.

So at night, Putera came to Diana’s house and slept with her. The boy always asked Diana to rub his head. It’s his sleeping habit and Diana was the one introduced the habit since Putera was a little boy.

“You know, if my parents find out you sleep here, you’re going to die,” said Diana lower.

“So don’t let them know.”

“You have a big bed why we must sleep in a small one,” said Diana complaining the narrow space she had.

“It’s your fault. Why don’t you come to my room?” said Putera casual.

“Now, you know how to answer me, hah?” said Diana.

“Sorry,” said Putera then turned to face Diana. “I want to sleep. Kiss me.”

“Have you brushed your teeth?”

Putera opened his mouth and sighed.


“Okay,” said Putera. He got up and prayed fast.


Diana kissed his forehead.

“Here,” said Putera pointing to his lips. Diana gave him a slight kiss.

“Thank you. Good night, Dai.”

“Night,” said Diana let Putera slept while holding her hand.

So without telling their parents, Diana and Putera still maintained their habit sleeping together. Only Sarah knew about that. Since Putera grew up, Diana would sleep at Sarah’s house three times a week. But the schedule did not work as it was. Sometime in a whole week Diana slept at Sarah’s house, especially holidays. Sometimes the three slept together, sometimes only Diana and Putera. 

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