Diana was a lonely girl when she was a little girl. when she was seven years old, she liked to spend her time with her friend's brother, Putera, since he was a baby.
They grow up together and be closed like best friends, brother and sister, and lovers. But because of the different background, they face difficulties to make their dreams come true.


10. Forever And After

Jakarta, 2015

Months Sarah went back to Jakarta. She visited her parents with Andrew and their twin babies. She called her friends and had a small party to celebrate their twin babies’ baptize.

“They look gorgeous,” said one of her friends.

“What are their names?”

“Putera and Diana,” said Sarah smiled widely. 

“You brother and his girlfriend’s name?” asked another one. Sarah nodded quickly.

“They must be happy since you still remember them.”

“Even a thousand years I’ll still remember them.”

When the party was over, Sarah took her twins children to light some candles. Then they put the candles in front of two frames of photos. They were Putera and Diana’s.

“This is Papa and this is Mama. Say hi,” said Sarah to the twins while pointing to the photos. The twins looked at her and smiled.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of your twins,” said Sarah turned to the photos.

Suddenly a song One Day heard, Sarah turned to her smartphone. It was her phone ringtone and the call was from Diana’s father. Sarah remembered that she and the twins would visit Diana’s parents.

“We’ll be there soon,” said Sarah when answered the phone. Then she took the twins and before going she looked at the photos again and said: “Be happy there. Enjoy your gathering in heaven.”

Putera passed away when Diana visited him and Diana followed Putera a day after giving birth. She had internal hemorrhaging.

The End

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