Diana was a lonely girl when she was a little girl. when she was seven years old, she liked to spend her time with her friend's brother, Putera, since he was a baby.
They grow up together and be closed like best friends, brother and sister, and lovers. But because of the different background, they face difficulties to make their dreams come true.


1. Baby Brother

Jakarta, 1994 

It was early in the Sunday morning. A little Diana opened up her eyes quickly when she heard a big knocking at her room door. She jumped out form her bed and ran to open the door.

“Hurry up! My Mom’s going to give birth,” said Sarah, standing in front of the door impatiently. Diana turned back to take her jacket and quickly ran out following Sarah. They headed to Sarah’s house which is only two houses from hers.

They ran quickly. When they arrived at Sarah’s home, an ambulance was stopping at the front gate. Mr. Chandra, Sarah’s father, was carrying her wife to the ambulance. After helping Mrs. Chandra, he turned to Sarah and Diana.

“What are you waiting for? C’mon!”

Sarah and Diana hopped into the ambulance quickly. And when the doors were closed, the ambulance moved with the sound of serene.

“Mom, fighting!” said Sarah to Mrs. Chandra, encouraged her.

“Yup, Aunty. Cia yo!” added Diana with a big smile. Mrs. Chandra smiled widely, though she was in hurt.

They finally arrived at hospital. The nurses helped Mr. Chandra to move his wife to trolley-bed. When they brought Mrs Chandra to the child-birth room, Mr. Chandra, Sarah and Diana waited outside. 

“Hope Mommy will be fine,” said Sarah to her father.

“Of course, she will be fine. She’s given birth before,” said Mr Chandra with laughter.

Then Diana and Sarah took a seat not far from the door of child-birth room. Diana sang a song for Sarah. It was their favourite song, One Day in Your Life. Not longer then, Sarah started to sing too. They sang together. Mr Chandra watched them with a big smile. He was happy to hear the kids’ beautiful voice.

Twenty minutes later, a nurse came out and told them Mrs Chandra had give birth a baby boy.

“Really?” asked Sarah happy.

“Yup. Come in,” said the nurse. The both girls hopped happily and followed Mr Chandra quickly. When they were in, Mrs Chandra was holding a baby. Both of the girls could not be patient to see it closer. So Mrs Chandra laid the baby on her side.

“Wow, it’s so red,” said Sarah.

“No. He’s so handsome,” said Diana quickly. She stared at the baby boy with shinning eyes. “I think I fall in love with him.”

Everyone laughed.

“You may have him as your brother too,” said Sarah understood her friend’s expression.

“Really? May I?” Sarah nodded quickly. Diana’s smile got bigger. She laughed and hopped happily.

Diana and Sarah were seven years old. They went to the same school and they were also class mate. Sarah was a cheerful girl while Diana was quiet one. But Diana was more mature than Sarah. Diana is the only child at her family. Her father worked at Foreign Department and liked to go to some countries. While her mother was a lecturer but she taught at some different universities. They were very busy, so Diana should take care of herself. 

Only Sarah was Diana’s friend. The girl did not like to have social life. Although she was smart at school but she was afraid to meet people.

Every day, after school, they always spent the day together. Sometimes Diana liked to sleep at Sarah’s house if her parents went far. Sarah’s parents were also busy people. Her father worked at her grandfather’s company. It was a big one. Her father would inherit it one day. Her mother was a doctor and worked at a big private hospital in Jakarta.

“What’s his name?” asked Diana when she got the turn to hold the baby.

“Putera,” said Sarah.

“Hi, Putera, I’m Diana,” said Diana to the baby. “I’m your girlfriend.”

Everyone laughed.

“Do you really like my brother?”


“So, you must take care of him after school.”

“I don’t mind.”



So it was happening then. After school Diana would go to Sarah’s house quickly. She sometimes did not change the uniform. At Sarah’s house, Diana played with Putera. She told the baby boy about her activities at school and sang some songs until the baby boy fell asleep. When Sarah was going to course, Diana chose to stay at home and played with the baby. She learned from the baby-sitter how to change pampers and feed the baby. She also watched when the baby-sitter bathed the baby and changed its clothes.

“You’re better in feeding Putera now,” said Sarah one day, when she was watching Diana fed her baby brother.

“Yes. I’ve learned how to change pampers, bath him and put on his clothes. It’s fun, you know,” said Diana enthusiastically.

“So why don’t you stay at night? We can sleep with the baby,” offered Sarah.

“Can I?”

“Not now,” cut the baby-sitter. “Wait until he is six months.”

“Hah? It’s too long. Five months later,” said Diana depressingly.

Everyone laughed.

But soon, after six months, Diana got the change to sleep with the baby. She was accompanied by Sarah too. While sleeping she liked to hold the baby’s hand. At night, she also woke up, when Mrs Chandra came to change the baby’s pamper.

“I can do that,” said Diana one day when Mrs Chandra came to change the baby’s pampers. She looked too tired.

“I will let you change pamper, when the baby is one year old. Okay?” said Mrs Chandra. Diana was happy though she should wait for several months. She did not complain anymore, since she always prayed time passed faster.

Seemed God listened to Diana’s prayers. Time passed so fast. Diana had the chance to change pamper when the baby was one year. She also got the chance to teach the baby, speak and walk. She got a lot of chance to take care of the baby. She could put the baby in the baby toiler and walked around their neighbourhood.

“Dai..dai..dai..” said the baby one day. Diana jumped surprisingly when she heard the baby called her name. It was the first time.

“Sarah! He called my name!” exclaimed Diana. Sarah came quickly.

“What happened?”

“He called my name. Dai..”


“Di – a – na. Say. Di – a – na,” asked Diana to the baby. The baby laughed.

“Dai...dai...dai...” said the baby while tamping the toy in front of it. Sarah and Diana laughed together.

“Jesus, it can call your name now,” said Sarah hugging her friend.

“It was his first word, you know,” said Diana.

“How can it do it?”

“I’m his girlfriend. That’s why he remembers me first,” explained Diana.

Sarah laughed.

“Okay. Cause you’ve worked hard. I will let you to be my brother’s girlfriend.”

“Can I?”

“Yes. But...”


“You can’t marry him.” 

“Oh. Okay,” said Diana looked casual.

“You know why?”


Sarah came closer to Diana and spoke lower. “He must marry a Chinese girl only.” Diana’s eyes get bigger when she looked at Sarah. “It’s a tradition in my family. I heard that, when my grandma said that to my uncle.”

“I see,” said Diana. “So, you must marry a Chinese man too, one day?” Sarah nodded quickly.

“Is it okay?” asked Sarah felt sorry to her friend.

“It’s okay,” answered Diana. “I think I will marry a man from America.” Sarah laughed.

“But you must go to America first,” said Sarah. Diana was silent for a while. She thought of Sarah’s words about going to America.

“I don’t want to go to America,” said Diana. “It’s too far. If I go there I can’t play with Putera and you.”

“So how do you meet an American man?”

“Oh – okay. I change my mind. I think I will marry a man from my father’s home town.” Hearing that, Sarah laughed louder.

“From Yogya?”


“Fine. As long as it’s not my brother,” said Sarah. Diana nodded, agreed.

When Diana went to school holiday in Yogya, she missed the baby so much. She called Sarah and her friend let her listen to the baby’s voice called her name.

“He’s your biggest fan,” said Sarah on the phone.

Several years later, Putera was four years old and went to kinder garden. Diana also took Putera to school with Mrs Chandra. Since they studied at the same school area, Diana always came to visit Putera at his school. But the little boy always cried if Diana left him to go back to her class. Because of it sometimes Diana was late to go back to her class.

One day she visited Putera at his school. The bell at her school had rung and she had to go back, but Putera, as usual, did not want to let Diana go. 

“Dai must go back to class, Putera,” said Diana hugging Putera to stop his crying.

“Dai, don’t go...” cried Putera.            

“Dai will come back. Dai only go to buy chocolate,” said Diana while rubbing his cheek full of tears.

“Dai, stay here...” Putera’s crying got high.

“Oke...oke...Dai won’t go anywhere,” said Diana and gave him kiss. She hugged Putera and carried him for a while trying to get his attention to his friends playing in the class.

“He’s so closed with you,” said the kinder garden teacher.

“Yup, because I’m his girlfriend,” said Diana. The teacher laughed.

Since Diana went to Junior High School, she was busy with her school and extracurricular. Only at the weekend Diana spent her time with Putera. While Sarah was going to the mall, Diana stayed at home and played with Putera. She wanted to take Putera to the mall but Mrs Chandra did not agree. But sometimes Mr Chandra asked Diana to go to mall with them, so she could play at mall with Putera.

“Dai, what’s that?” asked Putera every time he looked something new.

“It was DVD, to play music or film.” Then Diana played a movie. They watched together. Diana took Putera on her lap and hugged him. Sometimes Putera asked something and Diana explained about it. The little boy would kiss her if he was happy about something.

“What will you say?” asked Diana when she gave the boy milk.

“Thank you,” said Putera with a big smile.

“Good boy. Dai’s darling is soooo smart,” said Diana, praising Putera. Then gave him a kiss.

“What Putra will do before eating?” asked Diana before her feeding the little boy.

“Wash hands. And, pray,” said Putera.

“You’ve washed your hands. So, now, you must pray.”

Putera closed his eyes and made the cross. “In the name of Father, and the Son, and The Holy Spirit. Amin.”

“Jesus, how smart this boy is. He’s handsome, smart and very good boy,” said Diana and did not forget to give him a hug and kiss.

“Look, Putera is looking handsome now,” said Diana when she combed the little boy’s hair. She let the boy look himself in the mirror. The boy smiled then turned back and gave a small kiss to Diana’s lips.

“Thank you,” said Diana staring Putera happily. “I love you,” said Diana and blinked her eye.

“I love you,” replied Putera and also blinked his eyes clumsily. Diana laughed and hugged him.

So it was happening continually. When her friends were busy with their age, Diana was busy with her study and Putera. They spent time together. Every day, all day, and all years, until the baby grew up as a kid. 

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