A Couple Of Crazies

Call me crazy.
Call me insane.
But I'm in love.
I wish he felt the same.

Rosie is head over heels, drugged up, drunk in love.
But 'The One' doesn't exactly reciprocate those feelings.
Let's just say...
This story gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Mad Love'.


1. ~~~

Rosie watched him as his frown deepened on his brow.

God, she loved him.

He approached Rosie, his hands clasping and unclasping behind his back. Rosie gnawed her bottom lip in anticipation, waiting for the sweet, sweet words to slip from his mouth. I want you. I love you. Kiss me. His options were pretty open. Anything endearing, really. 

'You're so fucked up.' He muttered, just loud enough for her to hear. His string of words wrapped around her heart tugging and pressing. Rosie smiled anyway.

'I know. But I'm still perfect for you.' She sighed, imagining him enveloping her in his embrace. She closed her eyes as the harsh slap stung her cheek. She pretended it was the warm flow of blood creating a blush, creating the image of him smirking at her, holding her hand between his cold fingers, and saying something that would provoke such red cheeks. 

'You deserve every bad thing you're given.' He continued to hit her, but she kept smiling. He could say whatever he wanted. Love would conquer all. 

'You piece of shit.' He finally finished attacking Rosie. She hesitated, before taking his hands.

Her fingers slipped through them.

'I know you're not real. But my love for you is.'

Her hallucination flickered, scowled, and disappeared for another couple of hours.

But she stayed, pressing her hand to her plump, unmarked cheek.


She loved him.

He hated her.

A couple of crazies,

Was all they were.


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