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10. Dumbledore's Daughter - I Never Got To Say Goodbye

The first couple of things that your reader are presented with are the blurb and the cover. Your story has no blurb, meaning that there's no hook- it's like a pop song without a recurring melody. 

The second thing- the blurb- is nice. Maybe, through cover stores, you should keep your options open. I have multiple cover options for my other Movella. Maybe visit a couple of cover stores and see what they have to offer.

The actual writing is very confusing. The second chapter is very short, and not a lot of the writing makes sense to me. What I gathered is that Hermionie is actually in love with Fred, who died during the Battle of Hogwarts and it turns out that he didn't die and that everyone had just assumed. Hermionie randomly reverses the forgetting spell she put on her parents before leaving and everyone's happy as Larry? I'm not quite sure. Maybe you could contain these ideas into one chapter and thicken it out, leaving your readers with one big chapter with this beginning. 

There's not much to gather at the moment, and that's what I got!

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