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6. BadassJem - Bump in the Night

I'm a huge fan of horror, so when I saw this, I immediately got excited! The title is a good mixture of bright and dark colors, bold and dimmer. It contrasts really well, and the cover is simple but effective. The blurb is snappy and to the point and its engaging- just like it should be.

I don't mind the chapter names in this. I'm normally not a fan of chapter names but these really are quite effective. 

The characters are distinguishable just by the way they talk, just by the words they use and the way you can imagine them saying things. The bickering and fighting isn't pointless melodrama, like in some stories, where they fight and make up constantly, it's continuous dislike of each other that is alongside the story plot and gives it a little bit more depth. Kevin is a good addition to it all, too. 

Their personalities also contrast each other; Andy being some tough guy, Jean being snappy but wanting to be cared for by Andy and Tony- who is sick of the job, but still sticks with it, and who is overly sarcastic and patronizing. We are, as readers, immediately drawn to Tony. He's the central character and we start 'rooting' for him almost from the word go, because he's probably the most desirable character there is. The build up is good, it's not starting too soon.

The legends about the house really give an air of suspense to everything you write and it's really effective. 

I couldn't really see any SPAG errors, and I really, really like this and I can't wait to see where you take it.

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