Twisted Tales: The Glass Casket

A short retelling of one of the classic fairytales. Written in the Prince's view of the story comes a twisted tale of Snow White in 'The Glass Casket'.


1. The Glass Casket

A while back I thought on striding through the woods, a tale of magic and mystery. A queen reigned, and a princess's death hidden from truth. Why such a wondrous soul, the kindest of all, to be taken so young? Fourteen, she was.

They say the queen poisoned her out of sheer envy. Why be so envious over your own child? That's when I learned, the princess was not of her blood. Still, I thought, why?

On horseback, my eyes fixed over the mountains, a castle so tall and grim. The clouds above thunder a curse. The queen's a witch, they say. I imagine this is her doing.

As I rode on, coming into the next part of the woods, the air grew eerie. The sun blocked by trees, any shed of light shined down upon what I didn't believe to see at first; a glass casket.

I jumped to my feet and lead my chestnut horse by the reins to the mystery I see before me. A girl with long black hair, a pale complexion and rosy red lips resides within.

Her dress of gold and blue, and a red ribbon in her hair too. Odd as I found it, this is the exact description of the deceased princess, and she's been so for thirteen years.

Her body so well preserved, it almost appears she's sleeping. My thoughts ponder the tale. How has she not yet decayed, perhaps the queen put her in such a state. Curiosity got the better of me.

I trust my horse to remain at my side as I let go of the reins. Alexander, I named him. In search of a seam, the gold decorative coils bordered the glass. My palms pushed open the casket.

To hear this tale growing up, the wicked queen and the fair princess, it's a legend shown true. As I gaze down upon the princess with a longing to touch her, my fingertips stroke at the cheek. Her skin's soft as rose petals and cold as winter.

Her beauty's so compelling, my heart pounded harder than ever before. How strange is it to feel love so suddenly for who is out of reach, a dead princess. Is it wrong to feel this way?

For so long I've known her only the tales told to me. The kindest heart, the fairest of all, and even so in death. Only once will my lips taste hers.

The deathly cold touch regained warmth of the sun. Alexander backed up. As my lips parted from hers, I looked up at the sudden change of weather. Thunder rumbled in the clouds.

Breath returned to the princess, her eyes slowly opened. She looked at me with a smile. For years she's waited for someone to set her free.

Her cedar brown eyes fixed their gazed onto mine. She wrapped her arms around me for another kiss, only has she moved her lips towards my neck.

In my heart I knew what I had done was a mistake. Pricks punctured into my neck and I didn't do anything to stop her. My body's left paralyzed. She took all control.

Blood dripped from her rosy red lips. She dumped my body aside and left me to die. My eyes struggled to stay open.

The fair princess pushed herself out of the casket and walked towards my horse. Alexander backed away from her and then stopped. She calmed him with just a glance.

Stroking the horse gently, Alexander bowed to her in permission to ride him. I blink feeling the darkness taking me in.

The princess is sitting sideways on top of the horse. She cared for Alexander in pure kindness like the tales told. The princess rode away with him.

As I'm left by the glass casket to die, regretting. My eyes closed. Why didn't I ride on, why is it I who'd be unfortunate to find her?

The tale is twisted to hide the truth and I'm the only one from across the kingdom who knows it. And here I lay to take it to my grave. What have I done?

Snow White...


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