My Summer Secret

its about a mermaid named CeCe and she likes her next door neighbor(Luke Hemmings), who has no idea what her identity is. wait till he finds out who she really is. stay tuned


2. Prologue


Hi I'm Cecelia, but you can call me CeCe I'm 18 years old, I have a little sister named Vanessa, and we both go to Atlantic High with my best friend Allen but I call him Newp. I’ve called him that since I was 2 and he calls me C-star its pronounced SeaStar. Newp and I have been best friends since the crib years. Did I mention I'm half human and half fish? Well I can tell you this, it's pretty hard being half human and half fish. My father Brandon is human and my mom Papaya is a mermaid.
 I live half and half, summer with daddy and school year with mommy. I must admit living on land is exciting, but I must be careful because if I touch water 10 seconds later I'm a fish. It's very hard to keep this secret because I love the water soo much. This summer is gonna be a blast. Especially with my dad’s good friend Liz and her son Luke they’re my dad’s next door neighbor. Luke is cute, but I have a feeling there's something fishy about him. My plan for this summer is to find out what it is.

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