My Summer Secret

its about a mermaid named CeCe and she likes her next door neighbor(Luke Hemmings), who has no idea what her identity is. wait till he finds out who she really is. stay tuned


1. Characters

CeCe: 18 years old junior mermaid Main character
Vanessa: 15 years old sophomore mermaid CeCe’s little sister
Josh: 17 years old junior Vanessa’s Boyfriend merman
Lavinia: 15 years old freshman CeCe’s long lost sister
Faya: 18 years old lifeguard helps keep merpeoples secrets
Aliya: 15 years old freshman CeCe’s mermaid best friend
Allen/Newp: 15 years old sophomore CeCe’s Merman Best Friend
Johnny: 15 years old sophomore CeCe’s Merman Best friend
Issa: 17 years old junior, CeCe’s 2nd mermaid best friend
Lea: 17 years old junior mermaid
Luke: 17 years old junior human aka The HOTTIE next door
Papaya Maya: 45 years old mermaid CeCe’s Mom
Neo: 38 years old engaged to Papaya, CeCe’s stepdad
Brandon Maya: 45 years old human CeCe’s Dad
Liz: Luke’s Mom, 40 years old human Good friends with Brandon
Jack: 4 years old, CeCe’s pet pelican
Lobo: 20 years old, CeCe’s English tutor the sea lion
Aqua: 10 years old, Brandon’s dog
Sebastyan: 16 years old the crazy sea crab
Bruce: 24 years old CeCe’s friend and Atlantic High’s Security Guard/ thug
*(first person)
**”thinks to self”



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