My Summer Secret

its about a mermaid named CeCe and she likes her next door neighbor(Luke Hemmings), who has no idea what her identity is. wait till he finds out who she really is. stay tuned


9. chapter 7

Chapter 7

*as I finish unpacking Luke comes up behind me and hugs me from behind has he caresses me while he kisses my neck. I let out a couple of soft moans*


Luke: why don’t we go to bed
Me: (I blush) ok


*Luke picks me up bridle style and lays me down on the bed. He starts to take off my shirt, then kisses my neck while he slowly kisses down my body making his way down to my pants*


Me: please be gentle, this is my first time.
Luke don’t worry baby, I got you.


*he starts to take off my pants and panties, he takes out a condom and asks me to put it on, then he slowly inserts his hard cock deep inside me. I claw his back and moan into his ear as he goes deeper.*


Me: ( moans softly into his ear) baby it feels so good.
Luke: (moans as I go deeper and start to pick up the pace)
Me: (moans a little louder) Fuck baby give me more
Luke: (whispers into her ear) I love you CeCe
Me: I love you too Luke!


*as we both say I love you, we orgasmed simultaneously*

Me: (pants hard) wow, that was amazing
Luke: (gets off her and cuddles her) yes it was.


*we fall asleep in each other’s arms. A magical ending to a hectic day *



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