My Summer Secret

its about a mermaid named CeCe and she likes her next door neighbor(Luke Hemmings), who has no idea what her identity is. wait till he finds out who she really is. stay tuned


6. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

When I got home I ate dinner with my dad, sister, and Newp. Then I changed into my pajamas got in my bed and started staring at the ceiling, thinking about what happened today. I can’t believe I finally got the guy I wanted. The next morning, I woke up went down to the kitchen walking in on my dad making my favorite chocolate chip waffles.


Me: morning dad
Dad: morning. Will you wake up Vanessa and Newp?
Me: ok

*I walked in the room to find that they're already up and making their beds.*


Me: morning. Dad made chocolate chip waffles.
Vanessa and Newp: Awesome
Me: yes, so let’s head down to eat.
Vanessa and Newp: all right


*Then when I came back down to the kitchen I see Luke and his mom.*

Me: morning
Liz and Luke: morning CeCe.
Liz: how are you?
Me: I’m good and you?
Liz: I’m doing fine.
Me: that’s good
Luke: how did you sleep?
Me: wonderful (I said with a smile on my face)
Luke: that’s good
Dad: Liz and I are going to go get supplies for the tree house. While I’m gone watch your sister ok.
Me: yes dad. Love you
Dad: love you too
Vanessa: bye daddy. I love you
Dad: I love you too baby girl

*When my dad left Vanessa and I gave each other a
little evil grin.*


Both of us say: movie day!!!!!
Luke and Newp just look at each other with scared looks on their faces.
Me: what’s wrong?
Luke and Newp: oh nothing
My sister and I: ok?

*I popped in the first movie PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.
Luke and I sit together and he puts his arm around me. Newp gets this look like don’t get to touchy with my best friend. Did I mention that Newp is very over protective of me? No? Well I should have. Anyways he sat right next to Luke making sure he doesn’t do anything more and my sister sitting next to me with my arm around her*

Vanessa: thanks, CeCe.
Me: no problem

Vanessa looks at me with a smile. After the movie, we took a little break before we watched PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2. I went to go use the bath room when I heard a noise in the room I started to freak out and I called Newp and Luke followed along with my sister.


Me: I heard something in the room.
Newp: ok ill go check.
 Me: be carful
Newp: ok
He walks in and…

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