My Summer Secret

its about a mermaid named CeCe and she likes her next door neighbor(Luke Hemmings), who has no idea what her identity is. wait till he finds out who she really is. stay tuned


5. Chapter 3

~~Chapter 3

Luke: you’re a fish!
Me: yes, I am, please don’t tell anyone, you’re the only person besides my family who knows.
Luke: I promise. Why didn’t you just tell me?
Me: I didn’t know if I could. I was scared
Luke: why were you scared babe?
Me: I don’t know
Luke: though. I’m glad you could tell me
Me: really?
Luke: absolutely

**He leans in to kiss me and I slash him with water
Luke quickly runs to the towel and dries of as fast as he can**


Me: are you ok? 
Luke: yes, I’m fine

 “I wonder why he got all jumpy?”

Luke: what was that for?
Me: for asking too many questions.

We get out of the pool and I dry myself off, and I get my legs back. He sits down next to me and he kisses me.

Luke: I’m glad were together
Me: me too
Luke: I love you so much
Me: I love you too
*Phone rings*
Text from Newp
Hey when are you coming home? 
Luke: everything ok?
Me: yes, but I should go home now, but I’ll see you tomorrow
Luke: ok will you text me?
Me: of course, Love you
Luke: love you too


Then he walks me to the door gives me a goodnight/goodbye kiss and I head off home.

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