My Summer Secret

its about a mermaid named CeCe and she likes her next door neighbor(Luke Hemmings), who has no idea what her identity is. wait till he finds out who she really is. stay tuned


3. Chapter 1

~~Chapter 1

Dad: good morning girls
Both: morning dad.
Dad: how'd you sleep?
Me: fine. I'm gonna go and take Aqua out for a walk. (Aqua is my dad’s dog)
Vanessa: I’m just gonna stay home and watch TV
Dad: ok be safe CeCe. Love you
Me: I will dad. Love you too

*(So, as I'm going for a walk and I see this guy skateboarding past me almost knocking me over into the mud. I use my ninja like skills and move out of the way.)

Me: hey watch where you’re going.
Luke: oh, I'm so sorry CeCe
Me: **(thinks to self) “oh crap its Luke, I look horrible” It’s ok
Luke: how are you? It’s been forever.
Me: I’ve been well, and I know, right? What about you how have you been?
Luke: Just fine. So, are you busy today?
Me: No. Why? What do you have in mind?
Luke: would you like to come over and hang out by the pool I would like to show you something.
Me: (thinks to self:) mhmhm I wonder what he wants to show me? Ya sure ok. When?
Luke: now if you want?
Me: ok, but not now maybe like in 10-20 min ill be over ok?
Luke: all right. See you then.


(Thinks to self I don’t know how to ask her.) “I really like her but I don’t know if she will accept my secret. I’m gonna ask her out anyways then tell her later. I hope she won’t mind.”


Me: Hey dad I’m going to call Newp on the shell phone and then head down to Luke’s house ok?
Dad: ok. Just don’t get home too late.
Me: ok. Thank you, love you


(Ok now where did I put that shell phone? I know its here somewhere, but where? Ah here it is…)

Newp: Hello?
Me: Hey Newp
Newp: oh, hey what’s up? How’s your summer going?
Me: nothing much, good what about you?
Newp: all right.
Me: so, I have a question for you
Newp: yes, shoot what is it?
Me: can you spend summer with me please? I’ll pick you up at the dock.
Newp: let me ask… ok I can go ill be there in five
Me: ok see you.


“I can’t wait to see Newp. Ok so how am I going to tell him? He already knows about my plan but I don’t know I’ve never told him how I really felt about Luke. I really like him.”


Me: NEWP *runs up to hug him*
Newp: Hey C-Star *hugs her back*
Me: ok let’s go I have to be somewhere in like 20 min’s and I really need to talk to you about Luke.
Newp: all right. Tell me on our way back to your dad’s
Me: ok so I know you know about the plan, but…
Newp: but?
Me: but I really like this guy Newp. I really, really like him.
Newp: then tell him how you feel.
Me: he invited me over today. I was going to tell him, but he said he wanted to show me something when I got there.
Newp: maybe he wants to tell you he likes you. Did you ever think of that?
Me: no. ok I hope you’re right. Well see you when I get home ok. Make sure Vanessa doesn’t get into any trouble.
Newp: ok see you, I’ll try

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