"If you're not a villain at a certain point in your life, you'll never be a hero. And if one day you're a hero, even if it's just for one second, you could be a villain the next. That's just how the world works now Captain. As soon as catastrophe strikes, the worlds pointing it's fingers directly towards you...towards all of you."


4. || The Away ||



I lost count of the number of questions that the scientists and doctors had asked me about my blindness. I had been here for an estimated two months. But truth was they weren’t interested in my eyes. They were interested in what my eyes had seen before they had lost their vision.

They were interested in the day I died.

All across the world there’s been cases of near death experiences. People who survived incredible things, and came back with incredible experiences. But this wasn’t like that. Most people who came back from the dead, were only legally dead for one second to two minutes. The other half of the people were patients suffering from comas.

But I hadn’t been in a coma, nor had I been dead for one second or two minutes.

My heart stopped the moment the bus had made contact with the water. And when they had managed to fish all 22 children and the driver out of the water, we had all been pronounced dead on impact.

I had been legally dead for 29 years, placed inside a casket, and buried six feet underground.

When I had woken up, it felt as if I had been realised from one of the longest dream of my life.

I had been in a place that I couldn’t quite describe. But I knew it wasn’t heaven, it was too dark. It wasn’t hell either, it was too pure. Some could argue that the place I had been sent to was purgatory. But I just settled on naming it, ‘the away’.

There I unknowingly 29 years almost completely alone, and surrounded by darkness. But it was a beautiful kind of darkness. One that held little specks of light of different colours. And in the middle of the darkness, there sat a small circle of water, the colour of an evening sky.

And I sat there and I stared into the water for the longest time, before a women appeared. And she sat with me, and told me stories about the creation of the earth and the other planets in the galaxy. I didn’t know how long we sat there, in silence, or when she felt the need to tell another story, in concentration. But eventually she gave me a choice to move on or go back. I asked her what she meant, but she never answered me, and she never repeated her question.

So I waited, and I contemplated the options for a while, before I finally answered her.

I said “go back”, in hopes that it meant home.

“A gift is given only to be replaced. Sometimes to truly see you mustn’t look. ” were her last words to me before she had reached towards my face and everything became dark.

After that I woke up in blackness. I walked in blackness. And I lived in blackness.

I tried to reach out to my family but no one would answer me, they’d walk by me and sometimes shove me out of the way. I couldn’t see. I had no idea where I was. No idea who I was.

It wasn’t till 3 months later did I encounter Agent Hill when roaming the streets of what I came to find out to be New York City. I told her what had happened to me, hoping that she would believe such an insane story. She was doubtful at first, and even though I couldn’t see, I knew the expression she held upon her face, disbelief. But after a few days she managed to find me again, roaming the streets and introduced me to an agency that went by the name SHIELD.

Now here I am. Sitting on what I presume to be a lab table, having series of tests ran on me every single morning, and every single night.


Although I couldn’t see Maria, I knew my eyes were trained on her.

“There’s some people I’d like you to meet.”

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