"If you're not a villain at a certain point in your life, you'll never be a hero. And if one day you're a hero, even if it's just for one second, you could be a villain the next. That's just how the world works now Captain. As soon as catastrophe strikes, the worlds pointing it's fingers directly towards you...towards all of you."


2. ||Prologue||



“Avengers. Captain. I want to thank you for meeting here on such short notice.”

“Well it’s not like we had much of a choice when it comes to refusing, Agent Hill.”

As usual Starks dry sarcasm caused a slight tension to fall upon the room. Although he was right, no one would ever admit that to Stark; sometimes they wondered how a body so small could support such a large head. But the odd time what Stark said made a bit of sense. Truth was they didn’t have an option to decline whenever it came to SHIELD’s matters needing their help.

“I’d like to introduce you to test subject 1897. Yen Surplez.”

“Yen eh, sounds like a tough name. How much of a fight did he put up?”

It was obvious Clint did not want to be here, and if it were up to him, he would’ve remained retired. But after the whole ‘winter soldier’ incident in Germany, that option was no longer plausible.

She Mr. Barton. Full name; Yennifer Surplez. And she didn’t put up a fight at all, in fact, she came to us.”

The group shot each other glances of confusion.

“Say again?”

“Let me break this down for your tiny imagination Mr. Stark-“

The voice of Nick Fury filled the room, causing all eyes to train on his entrance.

“Moscow, Russia 1986. A Russian bus was making it way across the Duleck Bridge, carrying 22 of Russians most wealthy businessmen’s children; when it was hit from the right side by an unknown vehicle causing the driver to lose control and plummet the bus into the frozen lake 50 feet below. It took 1 hour for a passing car to spot the bus, and 2 more hours for emergency personal to respond. That’s almost 3 hours of freezing Russian water in a sinking vehicle. So as you can imagine, every one of the 22 children died-“

“Except Yen?”

“Including Yen Ms. Romanoff.”


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