"If you're not a villain at a certain point in your life, you'll never be a hero. And if one day you're a hero, even if it's just for one second, you could be a villain the next. That's just how the world works now Captain. As soon as catastrophe strikes, the worlds pointing it's fingers directly towards you...towards all of you."


3. || * BONUS * Yen's File ||


Full Name: Surplez, Yennifer Raina 

Age: unknown 

Race: Believed to be Caucasian.

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 112 pounds

Born: Moscow, Russia

Family: Dallack James Surplez (father), Cara Anne Surplez (mother).

Description: long white/gray hair, green eyes.

Identifiable markings: large scar under left eye.

Enhanced abilities: Incredible hearing and smell.

Notes: Subject is blind.




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