It is wrong, I am strong

I know it is wrong, so no matter how much it burns, I remain strong


1. Not your way

First you told her you wanted to be friends

Then, that all came to an end

But the thing is, you talk to others as well though

I am one of them that you talk to, try to know

She hates me, I have no reason to give today

But what you're doing causes more than I can say

On her Valentine's day, she smiled, and was clueless

But you, you were living in one big mess

You changed, and said to her, "more than friends"

But don't think I didn't hear her speak of those ends

What she is unaware is that you talk to others too

She thinks her heart is only belonging to you

I am one you try to speak to, and although she hates me

She makes it clear with her insults, her comments, let it be

Because although she hates me, I cannot be part of your game today

I cannot let you break her, although she wants me to break in every way

You play with her heart, and I am a witness always around

But although she hates me, I will help to take your game down

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