"I'm jealous of the rain, that falls upon your skin" he said looking down at me his eyes full of hope, hope to get me back.

Lilly Andrews was broken, broken hearted by the one and only Jake Mathews.
He could have any girl he wanted but he wanted Lilly she didn't know why and neither did he..all he knew was that he was madly in love with her and wanted her to be his only..


1. 1.) first day back

Lilly's POV:

I stopped in front of the school gates and looked at it letting out a shake breath, I reluctantly started walking again heading in the direction of my first class, maths.

I hadn't been in the school five minutes and I'm already regretting coming, I've had a week off. A week off since I caught him cheating, the worst part? I have to look him in the eyes again.

I get to my class and sit down in my seat as the bell rings and people rush in, I open my book writing the date and title as I feel eyes on me but I ignore it knowing who it is. I listen to the teacher and ignore the feeling of him looking at me the whole time.

(Sorry it's short just a little starter! Is this okay? Do you guys like it? Let me know! 💜)

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