Vibe With Me

Figured I could open up my mind a bit...


1. Depression

​I try to be happy but, I feel with every step I take the demons seem to walk with me. They seem to join me .. in silence. I don't know why but they don't speak, they just watch me. Darkness, at this moment is what I can't help but visualize.

​'Cause in my eyes, I realize that I fantasize about more than just a lullaby. I'm dreaming about what could be the only source to shutting out this dark hole. I cry, the tears do hurt my eyes. As if it were acid sliding down my cheeks. "It's nothing", they say, "It's just depression".

​It's more than just a word or an emotion.. it's a cage. Seems temporary, but when it begins to close in on you, the timing expands and no longer becomes relevant. Sometimes, it drives you to do or think hurtful things. "You're worthless', "You ain't shit". It mocks you...

​You can make an attempt to think otherwise but it grabs you in. Pulling you in, dragging you through the halls of misery, each room you pass you'll hear familiar screaming.

The end, seems peaceful. It's only died down for awhile.. it'll be back. Don't worry, you're not crazy..

"It's just depression" 

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