"Maybe I just haven't really tried it yet? Maybe I haven't found the lawful one yet?

Becuse if they say, I can't get the one I love, what's the point of love then?

If I can't be with the man I truly love, what should I do then? I can't just find another one, if I still love him with my life.

Does age really matter?"


Riley Ocean has made a big mistake, by falling in love with her teacher. And she sees no other option, than ignoring him and wait impatiently to her last year in public school ends.

When she finally thinks she's free of his grip around her vulnerable heart, she falls so deep, that she makes the same mistake all over again. But this time she must admit it's legal, and then only almost.

But one thing keeps all along; their love for each other. Unbreakable, is what they are!


4. 4. Last Day

Word count: 1716

~ Riley

Today's the ninth classes last school day, which means water fight out on the grass and caramels, and every student in ninth class is forced to join. Also, we don't have a choice.

My thoughts go like this: Michael is defiantly going to take me. Well, it works like all the ninth classes get to play with water and foam from a real fire engine. At that point it's kind of cool though. Also all the other students at the school can join, but of course there's always gonna be some who don't wants to join, and they have a choice.

Anyways students and teachers plays in it, and I'm kind of scared if Michaels takes me and throw me in the foam.

It's hard enough, when our fingers brief touches in class or if I need help in the math lessons. Even that touch make me gasp internal. So if he's gonna take me in his arms and throw around with me in the foam together with all my classmates, that's not gonna be fun.

I still remember the last school-home conversation. I was so nervous I could barely speak that moment. Michael kept looking at me, if I were some sort of alien with his innocent eyes who ain't really innocent.

When we talked about math he kept trying to get me to talk, but I just answered with the shortest sentence I could find on. The atmosphere were so pressured and awkward, that I literally tried to escape. One time I left for the bathroom, but I dared try to go home. I must admit, I couldn't get myself to do that. That is really irresponsible!

All in all it has been really hard to ignore Michael. Maybe because I still have really strong feelings for him. I wonder if he feels the same way about me?

I take my brush from my make-up table and start brushing my hair.

Maybe I could just try to stay home our last day? It's not like I'm gonna miss any lessons, cause it's only that water fight, some funny class pictures and caramels we throw to all classes at school, and then we're done with public school for good.

I've already took all the exams, so after this day I've got summer break.

The relief is to feel in my chest. But honestly, I actually want to be in that last class photo. I could get a last picture of Michael, before I leave him forever!

That through shatters my already ruined heart. After this day, I'll never see him again... I want to see him a last time, there's no chance I stay home!

I put my brush down again and give myself a last look in the mirror, before I get my way to school.


"I'm gonna be honest with you, my dear students. I'm going to miss you!" My English teacher says. Pmfh, yaer right! You haven't done anything but being strict and annoying as hell for four years now.

During the day all students in ninth grade have to bear a costume. Another thing I'm too lazy to think about, so here I stand in class and all of a sudden feel odd. Apparently it's only me who hasn't been exited of this day. Actually all I can think of, is it to be over.

I can proud pronounce I look forward to get away from this abominable, oblige place - my graduation speak.

Anyhow I've forgotten to buy a costume, and (un)lucky for me Michael gave me his cute rabbit custom immediately, a little too obvious after my opinion. People shouldn't intercept suspect. Now I can't stop myself from sniffing to his scent. He doesn't make it easy for me.

However I look cute though, hehe.

The whole class being sent down to the cafeteria, to take the funny photo, the only thing I've looked forward to.

I'm sure from now on, when I look at this picture in the future the only thing I'll remember is Michael and his amazing scent. I will always remember Michael borrowing me his costume. Kind of a nice memory.

The photographer start placing us in different positions to frame the picture in the best way. The shortest persons gets to either sit on a chair or lie on the ground in a funny position with a funny face expression. 

Then the second lowest being located to a seat and so on.

I hear Michael get asked to stand in the back row. Since he's really tall, he always stands there. And since I'm relative short, we never get placed besides each other. I remember I used to get annoyed by that, cause I wanted to stand beside him, but now I'm actually quit glad for my height.

Suddenly I narrow my eyes. I always get placed in the lowest row as one of the first, but I haven't got a seat yet.

"You there... you can stand... mmmh.. up besides your teacher," the photographer smiles to me and points on Michael. Wow, I've must have grown!

I freeze while I slowly stroll over to Michael. He gives me a satisfied smile and wave dramatic. Good, he's himself. He has always been like that to everyone, and in six grade he also were like that to me.

Typically he rummages people's hair or knock on our cycle helmet. Well now it's only a few, who use cycle helmet, but back then when we all did, he always knocked on it.

But after six grade he didn't do that anymore to me, only the others. He more like deposits his hand on my lower back.

I clearly felt, that he loved me in another way, than he loved my classmates. Maybe I just saw things differently back then, which I actual still do, but now I'm more intent on thinking of Michael as my teacher. And only as my teacher.

Anyhow, my point is, he behave like I'm just his student and never been more than that.

I've wished he would do that for an incredible long time, so it would be easier for me to forget the other side of him, when I'm more than just his student, but apparently that moment is first arrived now.

A strange and annoying feeling of envy and frighten grasp me, as he treat me like everybody else. I'm used to I'm special for him, just like he's special to me as well.

It scares me, that this is our last day, we're gonna see each other. I will miss him, as I have never missed anyone before.

He removes a little, so I can get in between him and Jason. I've only one thing in my mind at this moment; this is awkward.

"Wow this is good! Alright people, when I say "now" you just fool around, but try to stay in your seats!" The photographer says and getting ready to take the picture.

I feel a bit strained as I stand beside Michael. The man I used to kiss and make out with. Argh, I hate my life right now!

I gasp, as a warm hand lands on my lower back and gives me butterflies in my stomach. With a shaky hand I take it away, knowing it's Michaels big hand. Yah, big!

"What are you doing," I whisper as my voice crack.

"Sshh, the picture gets taken now," he replies teasing, and yet still don't look at me, like I look up at him.

I feel anger crawl up in me. He's not supposed to do this in public! I do feel relief though. It means he still feels something for me, I guess.

"Hey, you there!" The photographer points on me. "Try to lay your arm on the teacher and make a pout towards the camera," he says and narrow his eyes, trying to see the perfect picture in his mind.

I sigh and put an arm on Michael's shoulder. Michael smiles, clearly amused of the situation.

"No, no, no! It doesn't seem right!" The photographer suddenly looks frustrated, and I get anxious of what he's thinking.

"Now I know! Teacher, if you could hold her in your arms?"

After my opinion we should definitely get a new photographer.

"Ya okay," Michael reply calmed, but I know him, and I can see he enjoys it.

This is far from the first time, he holds me like this...

He takes me under my tights and my back, while I get told to hold around his neck. With a jerk I'm up in his muscular arms.


Great! Couldn't he think it wasn't good enough now? Apparently not...

I remember I wanted this photo to be good, so I smile genuine and pull myself further into Michael. I feel his grip around me get stronger, and for once, just a last time, I enjoy the moment, while I let his amazing, identifiable scent get to me.

I yet don't have a choice, I must remember. I could after all, just let myself enjoy a last, close moment with him. I already feel the sadness climb into me, slowly by the thought of saying goodbye to him for good.

Before I just said goodbye to our relationship, not completely him. I knew I was gonna see him again.

I'm not sure if I'm ever gonna see him again this time.

I feel my eyes get a little wet and my sight suddenly blur a bit.

Not now, Riley! And definitely not here!

I wink a couple times with my eyelids before I keep focusing on not to show it to any other, especially not Michael.

He can't know I'm crying in his arms. Wow, that actually sounded really romantic. Speaking of, I've thought about it, and I don't really think I'm ever gonna meet love again.

It just doesn't make any sense! I love a person, but yet I can't get him.

Why try another, if you still have feelings for another man?



Aw, I really feel Riley! But don't worry, she'll find love again. *blink, blink*

So I hope you like the book so far!

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