"Maybe I just haven't really tried it yet? Maybe I haven't found the lawful one yet?

Becuse if they say, I can't get the one I love, what's the point of love then?

If I can't be with the man I truly love, what should I do then? I can't just find another one, if I still love him with my life.

Does age really matter?"


Riley Ocean has made a big mistake, by falling in love with her teacher. And she sees no other option, than ignoring him and wait impatiently to her last year in public school ends.

When she finally thinks she's free of his grip around her vulnerable heart, she falls so deep, that she makes the same mistake all over again. But this time she must admit it's legal, and then only almost.

But one thing keeps all along; their love for each other. Unbreakable, is what they are!


3. 3. Complete It!

Word count: 1968

~ Riley

I didn't go to school the next to days, afraid of seeing Michael. I couldn't run into his arms, and say I regret everything I said three days ago. And I'm afraid that's gonna happen, so I convinced my mom, that I was sick.

I have to complete it! But really, I wish he wasn't my teacher. Or wait, then I wouldn't have met him. Cross that. I'm never gonna regret, that I've met him. For two years he made me so happy, that my mom even asked me, what there was going on. I'll just never forget him...

My class and I got him as a teacher from six grade and we're having him until nine.

There wasn't really anything the first year, also six grade, but as soon as seven grade started, we started having something for each other. So seven and eight grade, we've been secretly together. Now I'm in nine grade and I just can't live in secrets anymore.

I wouldn't tell anybody, cause I am afraid Michael get punished, so I did, what had to be done. I ended it.

But why do I love my own teacher? Why not a boy from my class, and not the man who teaches in class.

Tomorrow I have to come in school. I've lied to my mom for three days now. I'm defiantly not sick. Only of school. I'm sick of school, that's actually right.

I go to bed, reminded of the scenario of Michael holding me tight in his arms. On the exact same spot he sat, I sit. I start crying for myself and bite my own lip to make me stop, but it doesn't work. It's terrible! I swing my arms around myself to comfort.

Still crying I go to bed and fall into a deep, fitful sleep.


"Hey Riley, shall we go to the department and work instead?" The new girl Julia asks. I nod and follow her to a square formed table, where we sit.

"So the first task says, we need to write a composition about-"

Julia interrupt me, leaning over the table and whispers: "Don't you think Michael is a little bit hot?"

Amazed I feel a heavy, harsh stone fall right into my vulnerable heart. That sentence drag me out of control.

"No, I defiantly not think like that!" I yell high and uncontrollable. She can't think like that, I can only.

He's mine!

"Relax girl! It's just a statement." I don't care about any statement! She shouldn't even think about him like that, only as her teacher!

I feel a rage attack slowly crawl into me, and I hurry out to the bathroom, calming a bit down before I literally would go crazy.

I need to forget him for god sakes!

And if girls in my class talk like that about him, I must accept it and don't seem so suspicious.

What isn't she thinking about me right now? Oh no! Why can't I control myself? Does she know anything? Maybe that's why she even brought it up?

I run my fingers slowly through my hair, sighing. I'm looking at myself in the mirror, just looking.

What did Michael find attractive about me? Me eyes have a dull, blue colour, my hair are just boring brown and I don't have so many curves. A dull look and probably also personality.

Calmed, I go out of the small bathroom, and getting my way over to Julia to apologise. But all of a sudden I bump into... Michael!

An intense eye contact is between us, and he whispers: "Why haven't you been in school?"

I don't know what to say, so instead I don't say anything. I just shake his grip around me of and walk pass. Remember Riley! You must complete!

I half run to Julia, knowing that Michael's still looking at me.

Julia's face is surprised, and she looks like, she has a lot of questions. Already there I give up, this is torture.

"Heeey, what was that about?" She asks, lifting her eyebrows and biting her lip. She seems very curious at the moment.

She's probably one of those types who starts rumours and all that. I hate those types.

"What do you mean?" I reply, trying not to be too obvious.

"You know exactly what I mean! You two had a moment!" I sit down on my chair again and blow out.

"No, we didn't!"

"Oh yes, you did!" She keeps. I can't tell Julia about Michaels and I's relationship, I don't trust her quite fully. I literally don't know her! She's still the new girl.

The thing is, I haven't really talked about Michaels and I's relationship to anyone but Michael, and it's tearing me apart. The few friends I have, isn't really friends. Or yes, we hang out and that, but I don't trust them completely. If they find out what I have done or what Michael and I have done, they must think I'm crazy and disgusting.

After I got with Michael I didn't had them over at my house anymore and I didn't go to theirs. I used my time on Michael. It's just in school we talk a bit. And I'm cool with that.

In lesser than a year I'm out of this awful place, and then I'll go to high school, making new friends and come upon Michael, so I don't have to make the whole deal out of it here.

"Mh mmh," Julia says and takes her computer up from her bag, doesn't sound so convinced. I don't say anything. In stead my eyes catches Michael, who walks pass at the hallway again. His gaze is on me, and I wince me in the seat and look concerned at him. I really hope he got the message I tried to send him.

Jason comes out and heading against us. "Hey girls, we meet in class," he says, blinking with his eyes.

"Well, he's also alright if you know what I mean," Julia adds after Jason left. My lips forms a straight line, and I roll my eyes. She gives me a sweet laugh, and I suddenly gets jealous.

How the fuck can she has such a sweet laugh, when I sound like a blocked pig? Annoying!

"So my dear students, I expect..." Aaand I'm out. Very stupid of me, I fall into my own special universe, where Michael and I can be together without hiding like crazy in love people. He takes me up in his strong arms, and bear me into his bed. His eyes are so particular and beautiful, I could look into them without getting bored. There's so many details about them. Every time you look into them, you see something new. It's like they're chancing.

I lay my head in my own hand, and thinking about all our incredible moments, where I thought we could be together forever.


"You're so funny, you know," he says all of a sudden. "You are."

"No I'm boring." I say. It's right. I can't say anything funny. Even though I try, no one laughs, except myself.

"Tell me a joke, please." He whines with his lip, knowing I can't stand for it.

"But I'm terrible at jokes!" I say and lifting my arms and then down my side in frustration. I tell you, he's just gonna look at me like I'm some sort of idiot and pucker his eyebrows, also when he hears the answer.

"Okay," I give.


He sets us in his convenience bed, and look hesitant on me.

Okay, which one are we gonna take...

right, I've got one!

"Okay, what has a duck and a bike rack in common?" This one's good!

"Ooooouh, this one is hard!" He says, led his hand under his chin. A giggle come out of my mouth, while I think of the answer.

"Oh Riley, please tell me the answer. I don't know what it is."

A big smile land on my lips and I show my teeth. "They're both made of iron, except the duck!"

He looks confused at me, while running his fingers through his hair, probably thinking of how stupid I am. "Okay, that was a really, really bad joke!" He pronounce.

"But you didn't guess the answer, that's what count, therefore I won, and you lost." I lay my arms crossed and try to hide the smile I feel coming it's way to my lips.

It's a bad joke, I know, and yet he still sits with the biggest smile in the world plastered to his face, while looking satisfied at me. I can't stop laughing. I did tell ya, that it probably would end up with only me laughing, and there you go.

"Alright, so you're not good at jokes, and so what? You're still the most beautiful and amazing creature I've ever met!"

He takes me into his lap, and stroking my hair briefly, while looking down at me with a fascinated expression.

I gotta ask, how romantic can a man be?

"Except me, I'm prettier." He all of a sudden says. Alright I take it back! Oh god, he just didn't say that! But I'll give him right, he is really beautiful and good looking.

I push him in his chest, so he falls down in the bed from his sitting position, he's smiling. Concentrated I slowly go over him, so my arms hold him blocked.

I can't take my smile away, while leaning down to his face. I stop centimetres from his juicy, tempting lips and smile right before I press them light against his. He holds my head, and press me further down to him.

His proximity makes me crazy, and I lay all my weight on him, while our prolixity kiss stops, by Michael turning us around, so he sits on my waist.

Suddenly he stops. Out of breath I ask: "Something's wrong?"

"No, I just have to say I love you," he says with a tricky smile, I can see he mean it though.

"Do you really have to say that right now?" I ask a bit annoyed.

Out of nowhere he starts tickles me, and I start screaming and laughing at the same time.

"Say you love me too, until then I won't stop," he says, nearly drowned out by me screaming and hollering.

"I can't say it, while you tickling me!" I yell, trying to remove his hands from my stomach.

He stops, and I catch my breath. Instead of saying what he want me to say, I start tickles him. He's not reacting though, which make me nervous, cause that means he can go back to tickling me again until I say it, which is what he do.

"Okay, okay I fucking love you, Michael!" I finally yell. He stops his tickling and go straight back to kissing me.

(Flashback ended)

Sighing I turn my head, so I see all the fascinating clouds. On the other side of the court I see the same hallway, where I bumped into Michael with Julia watching.

Teachers walk pass and into their classes, I scrutinise all of them to the smallest detail. One almost only bear black close besides her shoes, they are pale brown.

Unbelievable Michael also walks pass, and I can't take my eyes of him. Why is the world doing this to me? I already miss him!

"Riley, are you listening?" I turn quickly around and see our English teacher stand in front of me with a strict expression.

I'm blank for excuses, so I just shake my head in shame.

"You're listening from now on, kid! Fiona, will you please repeat yourself?" She asks Fiona, and I sigh deeply in relief.

I gotta get my mind of him!

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