"Maybe I just haven't really tried it yet? Maybe I haven't found the lawful one yet?

Becuse if they say, I can't get the one I love, what's the point of love then?

If I can't be with the man I truly love, what should I do then? I can't just find another one, if I still love him with my life.

Does age really matter?"


Riley Ocean has made a big mistake, by falling in love with her teacher. And she sees no other option, than ignoring him and wait impatiently to her last year in public school ends.

When she finally thinks she's free of his grip around her vulnerable heart, she falls so deep, that she makes the same mistake all over again. But this time she must admit it's legal, and then only almost.

But one thing keeps all along; their love for each other. Unbreakable, is what they are!


2. 2. Endlessly Love

Word count: 730

~ Riley

"Listen Riley, I love you! Isn't that enough? I'm really truly in love with you, Riley!" Michael stands high in front of me, with my face cupped in his hands. I don't even know anymore. This thing we have is so forbidden and wrong, but it feels so damn right at the same time. It's so confusing!

A tear slowly rolls down my cheek, while I try to look away from Michaels suffered face. But he places his finger under my chin, and forces me to look him straight into his eyes. His deep blue, beautiful eyes look intents into mine, and I can't stop but thinking; how am I gonna live with the grief?

"Michael, please," I reply husky. My soul can't take this, I'm already devastated.

"It's okay, we're gonna figure this out," he says soothing, but I can't let myself believe in that. If he can't leave me, I must leave him, because I love him, and I won't cause him so much trouble, by loving me.

"This is wrong, we have to end it!" I finally yell out loud. At the inside I've said that so many times to myself, in a try to convince myself to stop, what I was doing, but apparently it's first now, when I say it out loud, that it has really dawn over me; it's so god damn wrong.

He could get arrested. I couldn't live with that guilt, if I knew a man was in prison, because of stupid me.

"Riley, we just have to wait one more year, and then we don't have to hide any-"

"Of course we have to hide, we always will, no matter what!"

"No, no, no! We don't!" He says all sure and shake his head determinative. But it's not save for him, and I won't pull him into that kind of danger.

I cry, silently. He hug me tight, for a long time. His fresh, delicious aftershave reaches me, and I can't help but sniff to his chest, and pull his shirt closer to me as a weirdo. I don't want to leave him, I'll never get over him, never.

"Everyone we know, knows that you are, or in a year, have been my teacher. My parents, my friends, all the teachers at school. And sadly people in this world, won't let us happen! We have to live our lives apart, even after I go out of public school," I tell him in his tightly grip around me.

He stays silent. He's running some hair behind my ear. I close my eyes, and enjoy his last incredible touches on me, because tomorrow in school, we don't have anything for each other, only the fact that he's my teacher. Nothing else. I decided that. For him.

"I love you," I sigh deeply. This is unfair, you know. There's so many couples, who gets to be with each other, and here I am. Always unlucky, as usual. And can't get what I really want;


His chestnut, sexy hair touches briefly my skin, and I gasp under his contact. This is crazy! I can't leave him, I fucking love this gorgeous man!

But I have to.

"I love you too. But we really don't have to ruin such a perfect couple as us."

I take a deep breath. "But that doesn't chance anything."

"Riley," he says, while he takes me up in his muscular, strong arms. "My sweet, sweet Riley."

He bear me into my room and sits on my purple duvet with me in his lap. "Don't you understand, that I just can't let you go?" He murmur, while he plant minor kisses on my neck.

I try to resist the satisfaction he gives me, but I just can't. Why does he do this to me? I moan, and bow my spine in contentment.

"Michael, don't you understand that I don't want you arrested?" I ask, wanting him to stop.

"Riley-" he starts. "I don't give a fuck about anyone else, but you! You are my one desire in this world. I wanna experience everything in this crazy world with you by my side. Don't leave me!" He says, running his soft hands down my arms and leaving brand marks.

Several sobs deserts my mouth, and I end up crying endlessly in Michaels reassuring arms.

I really do love him!

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