The World Was Wide Enough

Hamilton fanfiction
This story is similar to how things really went, but a few of the couples are different. The story is also told from many people's perspectives.

Yellow for death because of war and duels. Also the Reynolds Pamphlet was a thing...


22. Twenty

Lafayette's POV

The war in America was finally over. They are a free country now, separated from the horrific rule of the British king. It was time for me to go back to France now.


Peggy was coming back to France with me. I loved Peggy so much. I was happy that we were going to get married when we were back in France.


Also when we got back to France, I would be helping with the revolution. As I had helped bring freedom to America, I would bring freedom to my fellow french people.


Once the revolution was over, I would live a long life with Peggy. I hoped that we would have some children eventually. 


I was just glad to finally be able to relax with Peggy for a little bit before I had to be in another war.


While I was fighting, Peggy was staying with her father. I had sent her a letter telling her that I would be back soon and for her to be ready to go to France. When I got back, she sure was.


I went up the walkway to Peggy's front door. When I knocked, her father opened the door.


"Hello Mr. Schuyler. My name is Marquis de Lafayette. I'm friends with your daughter, Peggy, and I just wanted to come by to say hi to her as I am just getting back from fighting in the war."


"Well of course! Come in," he said as he opened the door wider to allow me to get past him. "Peggy, he called. "You have a visitor!"


I heard her feet run accross the floor of their house! She ran to me and gave me a hug. I was so happy to see Peggy again.


"You're back," she said, her chin resting on my shoulder as she was still hugging me. "Can you stay here for long," she questioned. She knew the answer was no, but she was pretending she didn't know the plan for her father's sake.


"I'm afraid that I can't," I said as I broke the embrace. "I only stopped in to show you that I am okay and to see if you were too. I must be on my way now. Goodbye Peggy. Thank you Mr. Schuyler." I then walked out the door.


I waited for Peggy a few blocks away from her house. She came a few minutes later with a small bag of a few belongings.


"You ready," I asked her.


"As ready as I'll ever be." We walked to the boat that would be taking us to France. Not too long after we boarded, we set sail to France. Peggy never looked back.

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