The World Was Wide Enough

Hamilton fanfiction
This story is similar to how things really went, but a few of the couples are different. The story is also told from many people's perspectives.

Yellow for death because of war and duels. Also the Reynolds Pamphlet was a thing...


12. Ten

Angelica's POV

Even after Eliza's wedding, I couldn't believe that I gave Hamilton up. I really liked him.


After a few weeks of just replaying meeting Hamilton at the Winter's Ball in my head, I realize something else that happened that night, Burr. I hid my feelings that I had for him because I wanted to meet Hamilton. Well now that Hamilton was taken, I should talk to Burr.


I wrote him a letter. I apologized for what I did that night and I told him my true feelings for him. A few days later, he wrote me back. He said that the ball he was talking about wasn't still for another week and he said he still needed a date. In my letter back, I told him yes this time.


I suppose this is just what the world was supposed to be, Eliza and Hamilton, and then me and Burr.

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