The World Was Wide Enough

Hamilton fanfiction
This story is similar to how things really went, but a few of the couples are different. The story is also told from many people's perspectives.

Yellow for death because of war and duels. Also the Reynolds Pamphlet was a thing...


18. Sixteen

Laurens' POV

Things in the war really started to heat up now. Most of the men were in Yorktown fighting. I had heard that it was going to be quite the battle to be at. I was in South Carolina at the time. As Hamilton said, I was "redefining bravery". I was helping out slaves, I was trying to get them to freedom. It was quite the risky job, especially considering that the idea of abolishing slavery was not popular at the time.


I wanted to free these men so they could fight. We were in need of help and this country would never be free until we got rid of slavery. 


I had freed some men and we were heading back north, where slavery wasn't so accepted. On our way out of South Carolina, a British troop met us. They noticed that I was the man who was freeing them. They shot at me. I tried to get away and I had dodged most of the bullets, but one was destined to hit me.


In the split second of time I had left, my life flashed before my eyes. I saw Alexander. I loved him. There I said it. I loved him. I saw my other friends, Lafayette, Mulligan, and Burr. Then there was Alexander again. He was the last flash of my life I saw before the light consumed me. But I died knowing that I tried.

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