The World Was Wide Enough

Hamilton fanfiction
This story is similar to how things really went, but a few of the couples are different. The story is also told from many people's perspectives.

Yellow for death because of war and duels. Also the Reynolds Pamphlet was a thing...


19. Seventeen

Hamilton's POV

It was Yorktown. Here I was, I had a group of men that I was in charge of. Even though I wanted to go completely crazy in this battle, I knew I had to get home to meet my son. 


We fought, for a very long time. It was a week until it was over.


It was the British who surrendered. They wove a white flag over the battlefield. Everything stopped. George Washington met with the British generals. As we waited for the results, our main focus was on the wounded. We helped the ones who were injured and we tallied the lifeless bodies.


George Washington came out of the meeting smiling. We won. America was America, not the colonies. The British left. They sung about "how the world turned upside down", which of course it had. The small army of farmers beat the professionally trained army of the world's greatest power.


All of the men were able to go home to their families. I was so excited to go home! Maybe my son would be there, if not he would be soon! I couldn't wait to see Eliza. I'd be able to talk to Angelica too! I hoped Laurens would be home from South Carolina. I wanted to give him a big hug! Maybe a little more if I was lucky.


I was going home to my family, I was still alive, my friends were still alive, we were free! How lucky I was to be alive right now.

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