The World Was Wide Enough

Hamilton fanfiction
This story is similar to how things really went, but a few of the couples are different. The story is also told from many people's perspectives.

Yellow for death because of war and duels. Also the Reynolds Pamphlet was a thing...


11. Nine

Peggy's POV

It was my sister's wedding day. I was so happy to see Eliza get married to Alex. He was a really nice guy and I thought they made a really cute couple.


At the reception after the wedding, I noticed that the guy that I talked to at the Winter's Ball was there. His name was Lafayette and he was the best guy I had ever met. That night, I decided to talk to him again.


"Hello Lafayette."


"Bonjour Peggy. What might you be doing here?"


"This is my sister's wedding."


"Oh, so then you're one of the Schuyler sisters?"


"Yes I am."


"I guess I never realized that."


"Well I'm just glad that I got to see you again."


"Yeah me too."


We stood there awkwardly for a minute, neither one of us knew what to say now.


"Even though this is your sister's wedding, I think we should ditch this place."

"You think so?"


"Yeah, I think it'd be great!"


"Alright, I suppose. But we have to be back here before it ends, otherwise they'll realize that I left."


"Okay then. I promise we won't go far."


We slowly walked out the doors so nobody would notice that we were leaving. He just led me to a place just outside where the reception was happening.


"How about we just sit here and talk," he asked me.


"Sounds good to me."


"Your hair looks pretty in the moonlight."




We sat and talked under a tree for a long time. He was a really interesting person. I liked him a lot. After a while of talking, I noticed that people were starting to leave, so we hurried back inside. Before we went back in, he promised that he would write me so that we could always stay in touch.


We made it back inside before anyone noticed we were gone. That tells you how much my sisters really care about me.


After about a week since I saw Lafayette, I got his first letter. He said that he was going to be back in New York soon so we could meet up then. I couldn't wait to meet up with him!


It was finally the day we agreed to meet. He said hopefully the war would be over soon. He told me he was going back to France after the war. I said that I should come with him. He liked that idea. By the end of the conversation, we decided that after the war, we were going to elope and go to France. I couldn't wait for the war to be over!

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