A sailor's tale

Jack has been marooned on a desert island, struggling to survive, he doesn't realise he has awoken a dark secret when he finds a map leading to an ancient treasure. You know what they say... X marks the spot...


5. The rhyme in the bottle

After searching for a stick with a fork in to act as a crutch, I began my search for fresh water. I hobbled around for hours, each step opening my wound a little more until I was forced to abandon the search completely.

I returned to my camp on the beach to find my fire had been extinguished by a fierce wind. Exhausted, I threw my tired body onto the sand and thought of what to do next.


Something glinted out of the corner of my eye. I peered to my left and realised it was the glass bottle I found last night. It must have flew out of my hand last night when the shark hit me, the memory making me shiver. I'd been so preoccupied trying to find water, I'd forgotten all about it.

I struggled to my feet o retrieve it before the tide claimed it. As I bent to pick up the corked bottle, I could see that a piece of folded parchment was inside it.


Confused, I plodded back to my seat and let myself fall onto the sand. I struggled with the cork but it soon slid out of the bottle with a satisfying pop​! The yellowing parchment fell out onto my shorts and sat there, emitting a strange sense of danger. I unfolded the aged fabric so it lay flat, with the words facing up.


My face was a picture of unbelief as I read and re-read what it said. I couldn't believe it. Amazing...


If you're looking for the treasure, beware,

Or it could empty your lungs of air,

If you find the buried treasure,

Happy you will be forever,

But the hollow tree you must find,

Or your death day you'll have signed.



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