A sailor's tale

Jack has been marooned on a desert island, struggling to survive, he doesn't realise he has awoken a dark secret when he finds a map leading to an ancient treasure. You know what they say... X marks the spot...


2. The island

My eyes slowly opened, and I felt a scorching heat on my back. The mid-day sun was so hot it felt like I was being burnt on a spit. I blinked hard to extract the sand from my eyes. I started to take in  my surroundings...


Palm trees swayed lightly in the breeze, their puny leaves glinting in the mid-day glare. Steep hills and rock faces were dotted all around, making the island a death trap. The waves, like giant hands, clasped their fingers around the sharp rocks protecting the island shores. Ship wrecks scattered the beach, and clearly hadn't been touched for hundreds of years. Decaying coconuts lay deserted in the sand, sinking  little below the rough surface.


As I stood, I spotted snake tracks twisting through the rough sand and away. But looking more closely revealed that these weren't the only tracks on the beach. The padded foot of a bear was embedded in the crispy mud near the waters edge. I now knew I wasn't the only thing on this island. I'd have to watch my back from now on. Some persistent flies buzzed at my head, no matter how many times I swatted them away, even though a thick rope bound my hands together.

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