A sailor's tale

Jack has been marooned on a desert island, struggling to survive, he doesn't realise he has awoken a dark secret when he finds a map leading to an ancient treasure. You know what they say... X marks the spot...


1. The easy days

As soon as I stepped aboard the bulky ship "The eye of the storm" I knew I was going to fit in. I looked just like some of the crew with my torn knee-length shorts and scraggy shirt. My shabby hair hung over some of the scar that snaked from my left cheekbone to the right of my face, and I ruffled it slightly to hide the absence of my left ear. It was always something that made me self-conscious. Anyway, my life was going to be great from now on. I was sure there was a lifetime of adventure and richness ahead of me. I believed there was freedom in every corner of a pirates life. And I was right. well, for the last six and a half years anyway. On that day, I would never have dreamed that in seven years time, I'd be lying on a deserted islands beach, unconscious...

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