5 Days

A girl who is only 7 years old who has cancer but its a different kind and its really rare. She only has 5 days to live. One day she went out and explored the world will she die or will there be a miracle


2. Leaving Home

Later that night Emily was awake after her sleep "it's time" she said in a whisper voice Emily grabbed the suitcase underneath her bed she looked in her closet and grabbed a flashlight and then looked at the clock "it's 1:00 pm" Emily looked at her flashlight and sighed "are you sure you want to do this Em" she said to herself,"yup i'm sure i want to do this" she said again to herself "LETS GO!" she said Emily opened the door which leads to the living room she looked back at her room then left without saying a word.

Emily slowly tip toed to the living room "ok" she said

Emily grabbed some food from the fridge and put it in her suitcase "

food CHECK" Emily said,"and i think that's it" Emily closed the fridge opened the front door to the house and looked back "i'll miss you mommy and the house" she said and a little tear went falling from her eye. Emily walked out of the house  and she looked at the view for a moment "so which way" said Emily, "right is always right" so she went right The view

was breathe taking.Emily kept walking until her feet 

started to hurt Emily was on a mountain 

'WOW" she said,"the view is amazing" Emily looked down the mountain "that's a long way down" she said. Back at home The mom woke up.  The mom went into Emily's room but couldn't find her she ran to the living room "EMILY BABY" she cried out,"EM EM EM listen baby this is not time for hide in seek" she said the mom looked in the closet, the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, and the basement "EMILY EMILY OH EMILY WHERE ARE YOU" the mom cried out she sat bedside a wall and started to cry. Meanwhile Emily is still on the mountain " i miss mamma" said Emily she looked down 

at the mountain again she sighed

Emily turned back but when Emily turned back 

her foot slipped on the edge of the mountain and rocks fell she fell and grabbed on the mountain for her life "SOMEBODY HELP ME" she said Emily couldn't hold on any longer her hands got sweaty so her hands gave up causing Emily to fall she went inside a hollow trunk then she smashed through it and she kept rolling and rolling off the hill of the mountain until she landed.

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