5 Days

A girl who is only 7 years old who has cancer but its a different kind and its really rare. She only has 5 days to live. One day she went out and explored the world will she die or will there be a miracle


3. God Himself

Emily opened her eyes and she looked down she can see her own self on the floor with cuts and sticks and blood all around her.  Emily saw her own body and cried until a light came out of no where Emily was like a ghost she looked up 

and heard a voice "come with me Emily we need to talk" said the voice 

the ghost body of Emily went rising to the clouds when she looked down

she still saw her body hopelessly lying on the ground.  Emily squinted her eyes from the light cause it was so bright that she had to cover her eyes as well.  Emily then landed on this soft cloud she looked and saw god himself "Hello Emily, do you know why i brought you up here" said God "yes , God , you brought me here because i died" said Emily "That's one thing , Emily, but the other thing is that i want to help you" God replied "help me on what?" said Emily "well on your problem you have which is cancer" God said back "how can you do that i don't want to be on Earth anymore i wan to stay up here with you" Emily said with a sad puppy face "now  Emily your life is way better down there" God said, " i will help you not have cancer anymore i promise and i will give you beautiful flawless hair" "God i'll do it for you" Emil replied

All Emily could see and feel was a really bright light and hard wind 

pushing her she had to cover her face with two hands.

It stopped and Emily opened her eyes in her own body.  She looked around her and looked at her hands.  She could feel his weird texture wavy hair behind her back she grabbed a piece of it she yanked it but luckily no hair came out "I HAVE HAIR AND I DON'T HAVE CANCER ANYMORE!!" she said with jump she jumped up. Emily stand their quietly and she let the wind blow her flawless wavy beautiful hair She then looked all over her arms they had cuts, blood, bruises, and even sticks inside her skin.  She felt really sore "i gotta get back home" she said, " but how will i get HOMEE!!" she said it with  shocked face.

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