5 Days

A girl who is only 7 years old who has cancer but its a different kind and its really rare. She only has 5 days to live. One day she went out and explored the world will she die or will there be a miracle


1. Freedom

                       The rain patter on Emily's window.  Emily looked at her window and wonder how life is without having cancer "sweetie" said her mom from the hallway "yes Mamma" said Emily "come here sweetie we are going out to your cousin's funeral, did you wear the black dress i told you to wear" "yes mamma i did wear the black dress you told me to wear" replied Emily "that's my girl" said her mom.  Emily grabbed a [peanut butter sandwich her mom made while her mom was looking for her purse "alright come here give me you're hand" said the mom and they both walked out of the door.

                                                                                                      * * *

                     They got onto the car and her mom drove off like there was no tomorrow "mamma?"said Emily "yes?" said her mom "don't you ever wonder how it's like to be free cause i wont freedom from cancer" said Emily "oh Em... sweetie i know you want that but don't worry about that stuff ok" her mom said "ok mommy" said Emily.  They went to the funeral and Emily put her head down thinking about leaving the house so she can start her adventure.  After the funeral they all went home.

                                                                                                          * * * 

                      When they got home Emily looked under her bed and she grabbed hold of a handle and that handle was attached to a suitcase.  Emily grabbed clothes from her drawer and stuffed the suitcase full of it.  After that she put the suitcase underneath her bed again "EM WE HAVE A DOCTORS APPOINTMENT TODAY" said her mom "ok mommy" said Emily and she went ready to go back in the car again to the doctors.

                                                                                                         * * *

                     They got to the doctors and Emily was playing with her stuff toys "so we have some bad news miss Sage" said the doctor "all right just say it i can handle it" said the mom "well um yur daughter Emily she only has 5 days to live listen i'm so sorry you should take her to a real hospital" said the doctor "WHAT I HAVE BARLEY ANY MONEY FOR THAT I CAN'T BELIEVE MY BABY IS GONNA DIE IN 5 DAYS!" said the mom Emily over heard everything outside the door she looked at her unicorn and said "it's time to leave the house you're coming with me ok unicorn" said Emily "listen i'm so sorry the only thing we can do is wish for a miracle" said the doctor miss Sage cry's softly she sat up opened the door grabbed Emily's hand and left without saying a word.  Emily now knows she only has 5 days to live "then i guess i better leave tonight" said Emily in her head.

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