Fake Smile

He had it all going for him. He had the coolest girl in his life and the nicest girl at school. One he loved back and the other loved him. One was invisible and the other all he could think about. Little did he know that girl was the same person and that person was the one he hurt the most.


13. Super Villian?

I found my self smiling in the face of death at the happy world that would become after I turned evil. A tear slid down my cheek as an akuma toward me but soon Chat Noir came into my room and caught it. He made a sour face as he looked around at all the other Akuma's in my room. He looked at with a serious and angry face. "Princess what the hell is this?!" I was silent as I watched this wondering why he had to do this to me. He gave me an upset look as he jumped out my window with all of them in hand. I hide under my blanket crying because there were a few people I didn't want to upset and Chat was one of them. "All I do is mess things up..." I mumbled to my self.

I didn't want to hear or talk to any one when someone tapped on my trap door. I was about to yell "Go away." But the voice I heard after that made me shut up right away. Alya had come to check on me. "Hey gurl its me can I come in?" I sighed knowing I needed to talk someone and opened the door. "yeah come on up." I said wiping my eyes as she climbed up the ladder and into my room. She took my hand and sat me down looking at me. "Spill it gurl." I told her everything leaving out the part about Chat though. "So when you brought Adrian along I got upset and ran home and then Chat appeared and tried to comfort me." I quickly covered my mouth as she gave me an angered look and I knew I had made another one of those people hate me. "You mean Chat...as in the Chat Noir." I gave a small node and she got more angry with me. "You mean you've been friends with! No I mean crushing on Chat Noir and you didn't tell me!" My eyes started to tear up and my face turned pale because I knew I had just lost my best friend.

"God here I thought we were friends! Friends don't keep secrets form each other so tell me Marinette what else are you hiding from me!" She sounded angry and annoyed and I didn't blame her for feeling that way. I opened my mouth to answer her but before I could she got up and stormed out of my room angerly and I was sure I had lost my best friend for good.

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