Fake Smile

He had it all going for him. He had the coolest girl in his life and the nicest girl at school. One he loved back and the other loved him. One was invisible and the other all he could think about. Little did he know that girl was the same person and that person was the one he hurt the most.


26. Smile

I smiled at her as she smiled at me with her real smile and not a fake for once. Just then the Jade Turtle jumped out and caught her in his shell and her expression grew harsh as her eyes turned back to white and I knew at that moment it went to hell.

Marinette's pov-

I growled at the Jade Turtle and then shot a bast of darkness at it making it crack but not brake. That's when it started to shrink around me I suddenly felt so small and so scared and that's when Hawk Moth came to me. "Shattered Mirror please get up and get the miraculous so we can be the family you always wanted." I screamed out in fear and then opened my eyes to see Chat Noir racing toward the shell like prison and taking out his Cataclysm and trying to save me. 'Why is he trying to save me? I thought he hated me.' I couldn't move or get up all I could do was rock and listen to Chat and Jade argue as I sat there crying to focus on the sound of the rain as it hit the ground softy.  Chat yelled at Jade for my sake. "What the hell was that! I know shes evil right now but she's still a person and we are supposed to save people as super heroes not attack them!" I listened to the two fighting and was starting to thinking of going after Lady bugs when a pair of arms wrapped around me. It was Alya who was hugging me with tears in her eyes as she whispered in my eyes all thesis sweet things and I felt tears sting my eyes.

I looked into Alya's golden eyes and felt something tug inside of me. It wasn't me it was Marinette yelling and fighting for control I wanted to fight her back but I couldn't look away and then it happened I felt more people wrap there arms around me. I looked around in silence as everyone from class started to hug me even Chloe was hugging me as they all whispered kind things of forgiveness into my ears. I could hear Mari yelling at me to stop this so I listened to her. "We have to stop Shattered Mirror we're hurting people! Hawk Moth is lying to you no he's lying to us!" She was screaming at me now. War broke out in my head and I could hear there whispering but I could also still hear Chat and the Jade Turtle fighting. I listened to them and suddenly all the bad came rushing back and I felt my eyes cloud up again. I watched as they all backed away and I realized they only one that they cared about was Marinette. I would have been fine that but the thing was that I was and am a part of her as well. I scowled and clutched the pillow tighter and got up feeling my eyes cloud up again as the color faded away. I watched as Chat and Jade got ready to fight and Chat gave me a sad pleading look and I felt Mari plead again and it only made me more angry. No one cared about her when she was sad they all just wanted the happy Mari all the time. Chat Noir was no different then they were and I could prove it. I thought about how much she cried and how they didn't care about her not even the one guy she thought loved her could careless that for 4 months she cried her self to sleep every night. I started to scream out of anger. "I'M FINE! I'M FINE! I'M FINE! I'M FINE! I'M FINE!" I screamed over and over again not stopping once. I got up and ran into the empty streets know that if anyone followed me it wasn't for me only for Marionette.

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