Fake Smile

He had it all going for him. He had the coolest girl in his life and the nicest girl at school. One he loved back and the other loved him. One was invisible and the other all he could think about. Little did he know that girl was the same person and that person was the one he hurt the most.


35. Photo shoot in the park

Adrian's pov:

I watched the bakery with longing in my eyes as I posed for yet another magazine that I didn't really care about. All I cared about was joining my friends as soon as possible and so that I could Mari again. I was so glad that things were back to normal though I wondered if she remembered any of it.the photographer caught on to my far off gaze as he tired to pull my eyes back to him. "Adrian look over here please!" I sighed and looked back at the camera and at the man. It took a few more minutes for the shoot to end  but when it did I ditched my guards and headed to the bakery. I stopped out side and had to remind my self that Mari didn't know that I was Chat so no matter how badly I wanted to I couldn't just kiss her. Not that I would be able to do that as Chat either really. When I looked in through the door I could see she was talking to Nino and Alya. "Thanks a bunch guys for the help I promise it'll just be for a little bit. Then we can all have fun at the park together." She smiled her sweet cheerful smile and I felt my heart start to race as my face flushed red. I took a deep breath and walked in making the bell ring as all eyes landed on me and I just smiled. "Hey guys."

I thought she would hate my guts or yell at me but instead she smiled at me warmly. "Hi Adrian." I looked down at my hands and then suddenly started to blush a light red. "So...u-um I was wondering if I could help you as well Mairentte. It's just I got done with my shoot and have some free time and wanted to spend it with you guys but I understand if your really busy. I'd probably  just get in the way any way huh?" I looked down a little upset. She walked towards and lifted my head and put a smile on my face. "Hey don't bring your self down like that. Of course you can help out all you have to do is put an apron on and keep smiling well having fun." I smiled and nodded as she giggled and hugged me gently in his eyes. I didn't want her to pull away but I knew that she was in love with Chat Noir not Adrian anymore.  Suddenly Chole walked in and I tried to shrink into the back round and dissapear but it was to late. She had her eyes locked on me as she walked up to the counter leaning over it so she could get closer to me with a flirty smile on her face that made me feel sick.

"Hey Adrian do you know where Marinette is?" She asked me ignoring the fact that Mari was next to her the whole time. I was so surprised by her question as I pointed to the case that held the macaroons where Mari and Alya stood sorting them out. She smiled and gave a small node to me as she walked over and I got a bad feeling in my stomach. I watched as the two started to talk and I tired to listen in but was side tracked by a customer who came to get some yummy looking cupcakes that Mariette's parents had made. I looked back over at the two to see that suddenly the two were hugging and this surprised me even more. I stayed there watching for awhile trying to figure out what happened when Nino tugged on my arm pulling my attention to him. "Come on dude keep working or well never get to bake and go to the park." I laughed but nodded heading back to work right away.

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