Fake Smile

He had it all going for him. He had the coolest girl in his life and the nicest girl at school. One he loved back and the other loved him. One was invisible and the other all he could think about. Little did he know that girl was the same person and that person was the one he hurt the most.


31. Hope?

I looked into his eyes and saw all the hope that was inside them and then I looked down at his out stretched hands. They looked so warm and inviting that I was tempted to just reach out and take them in that moment. I looked back up at his eyes. "Please?" He asked me a smile on his face as I looked into his warm eyes. A butterfly mask appeared over my face and my stomach was starting to hurt as Hawk Moth whispered sweet words into my ear pleading with me to stay with him a while longer. I grabbed my head in pain and screamed out in frustration. "I don't know what to do!" I screamed out in anger and sadness. It was all happening so fast that I didn't have time to stop and think it all trough. "Please...if someone is out there and listening please just give some sort of sign of who to choose." I looked up and searched the colorless world that now surrounded me praying that someone came to help me. That's when I noticed a dear only it wasn't colorless like everything else. No it looked like it was almost green the color of Chat's eyes. I stood there frozen in wonder and aww as a bunch of animals all different color slowly came out of the woods one by one as they each followed the green deer. My eyes went back to the deer as I focused on the small faint red light that light up its nose.

He almost looked like Rudolf  but I knew better then that as he walked closer stopping only a few inches away from me. Then suddenly the little red light went off the deer and over to me as it gently landed on my nose I watched it wonder. I watched the small lady bug in wonder and confusion. "Could you be the sign that I'm looking for?" I asked my self softly. I watched the small creature with a hint of a smile on my face when suddenly its light started to fade I began to fear for its life. I caught it right before it could fall and looked up at the other animals in confusion. "What's going on...?" I looked at the other animals again seeing the hate and anger in there eyes and suddenly I started to get mad again. "Aren't you going to help her!" I yelled at them but they didn't do anything except watch. I felt the anger drain from me as I gently placed her down and looked down knowing there was nothing I could do to help. I didn't understand why this bothered me so much or why it even mattered to me in the first place but for what ever reason it did. Suddenly a voice spoke up and nearly gave me a fright. "Because you care. No matter who you are or what has been done you will still try and fight to find a way to save the world and make things right. That's just who you are." I looked around for the voice but found nothing. "Just because times are tough and the ones you loved have left you in your time of need doesn't mean they don't care or that they stopped loving you." I looked down at my feet at a lose for words as the voice went on. "You feel like you can't do anything and the world is against you but even know you must know that you are strong just like a lady bug." I didn't say anything.

 "A ladybug may be at the the bottom of the food chain but they are looked highly upon by other animals.
"You were always meant to be Ladybug but if you stay a hero or you can be a victim but before you make a choice you must hear me out first." I nodded and looked up. I heard my mom crying out to me with tears in her eyes. "Marinette please come home to us please..." then suddenly my fathers voice came in. "Marinette were so sorry we should have listened to you and not just yell at you please come home were worried about you and we love you so much." It was all my friends and family that were calling out to me. I felt tears start to come to my eyes as I heard all there cry's. I felt my hands start to shake like crazy. "What's going on..."

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