Fake Smile

He had it all going for him. He had the coolest girl in his life and the nicest girl at school. One he loved back and the other loved him. One was invisible and the other all he could think about. Little did he know that girl was the same person and that person was the one he hurt the most.


18. Evil wins today

Marinette's pov:

I sat in my room crying because I had just lost the one man that meant the whole world to me. I was so busy crying that I didn't even notice the akuma fly into my window until it was to late.

Hawk Moth's pov-

I smiled at the fact that I had finally got her. "Dear, Dear Marinette. I know all the pain you are going through. You have been crying for so long and then just when you think it's getting better. Your parents start to fight you, your friends all abandon you, and Chat Noir brakes your heart once more. So let me fix this and make you better. I can make you a person that can show others what you feel with out having to say anything. Shattered Mirror all I ask in return for this power is Lady bug and Chat Noir miraculous. So please Marinette just get me the miraculous and I can bring my wife back and then we can all be a happy family together." She had a strong will and didn't back down once. "I can't do that Hawk Moth. People could get hurt and that's not like me." I smiled and didn't back down.

"Shattered Mirror doesn't hurt people she just makes others feel the pain she felt and passes her bad luck on to them. That's not bad darling now is it?" She stopped and thought about this knowing that I was right. "But Hawk Moth couldn't I just..." She was cut off by the girl that hurt her. "Marinette is that you?" She looked at her and it was perfect but she only fueled her anger and hurt. It only took a little push to make her snap.

Marinette's pov:

"No! For months I have been dying inside months! I'm sick of it! I...I can't handle it anymore! The tourtue that everyone at school put me through!" I was shaking now with anger. "Just stay away form me and I won't torture your soul with the bad luck that has followed me my whole life." She ran off before I could say anything else.

Alya's pov-

"I have to get Chat Noir and Lady bug!" I said and ran off to find them. I ran around town shouting out to him. "Chat! Chat Noir please come quick Marinette has been turned into a villain and she needs your help!" I shouted tearing up and shaking because I knew this was all my fault. I could hear Marinette behind me as I ran away trying to find a safe place.

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